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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain State Games - 5K

There were 34 sports / events for this - the 5K was one of them, some other events included Archery, Bowling, Cycling, Golf, Karate, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling.

Maybe I don't pay attention to the News or read enough Newspapers, or maybe there is not much advertising for this, but with an event name that includes  "State Games" - this being the 10th year, I'm wondering why there isn't much fanfare about it. 

Then again - it might be me living under a rock.

In any case - 5K at Memorial Park - on a picture perfect day, with no other races on the Pikes Peak Road Runner Website scheduled that day - and with a $12 entry fee for 16 year olds and under - I would expect there to be more of a turnout. 

116 finishers.

#12 talked me into (him) running it.  Instead of the normal 0 to 14 year old age group - this one went up to 12.  Bonus.  21st overall.  He clocked a 21:52.  1st in his age group.  I probably shouldn't write that 2nd in his age group was 45:10.  Meh.  He got a nice big medal and he was happy with how he did.  Me too.

Soccer starts this week, so running (races at least) for him is on hold for a while.  But he has had a good run (literally) the past 5 weekends.

In the spot reserved for bragging about my goes....
10K in Nashville Tn                    50:12, 1st in age group
12K Summer Roundup             1:04:54, 2nd in age group
Barr Trail Mountain Race        2:25:29, 2nd in age group
Classic 10K                                47:52, 3rd in age group
Rocky Mtn Games 5K                 21:52, 1st in age group

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