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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pikes Peak Road Ascent Race Report

Overnight I have gone from "not wanting to do that again", to "I don't need to do that again".  Once was enough, I think I am glad I did it, but for an hour yesterday I was ready for a long jump off a short switchback.

Race started at 8 am under cloudy skies and mid 60's.  I got there early, parking less than 100' from the start line.  That was a bonus.  By race end it was definitely into the 70's with full sun.

The course can be broken into 3 sections.  First section was from the tollgate, gained about 1600 feet over about 4 1/2 miles.  I started out slowly and steady - it had worked the weekend before for the Ascent.  I ran steady, walking only through the aid stations.  Sun came out and it started warming up.  Just before getting to the high point overlooking the reservoir the first bikers came through - 4 of them - started in Manitou also at 8 and they were on the way to the Summit.

As the day wore on, the bikers came by, many offering encouragement.  Was a little odd that there were 2 completely different races going on at the same time, on a closed road. 

The middle section around the reservoir was a good chance to catch the breath, stretch the legs and enjoy the views - going across the dam I looked South of the water up at the Peak - very serene and pretty.  Took a mental picture.

The next 3 miles or so there was only about a 200' elevation gain so it was nice, I settled into a steady pace and ran with a couple of people for most of it, even chatting at times.

Around 7 1/2 miles would have been a good place to stop - if the finish line was there, that would have left me much more happy than what the next 4 miles did to me.  Those last 4 miles were tough and mentally it didn't take long to take it's toll on me.  I was still able to run, but the definite lack of training, especially lack of endurance slapped me around.

Was about a 1900' foot climb over the last 4 miles or so, all but about 3/4 miles was paved and some of it was freshly paved blacktop - so the heat coming off the sun was quite energy sapping.  I resorted to walking - a lot.  Probably over the last 3 miles I walked at least half of it. 

About a mile and a half from the finish I could hear the announcer at the finish line.  I'm sure he is a very nice man, but I just wanted him to shut his mouth and let me suffer alone.  Finally I finished.  It was a very different feeling from the Ascent finish line where I was happy, excited and dead tired.  Here I was just dead tired and more happy that I was done, rather than what I had just done.

A day after the body feels okay and I am over the race for the most part - reminded that less then 7 weeks ago I was getting my knee scoped.  One of the reasons I signed up to do the race yesterday was that it was linked to several other events including the GOG 10 miler, Summer Roundup Trail run and the Ascent / Marathon.

With only 142 finishers yesterday that left decent odds for me to get some bling - not sure what that might be but looks like I came 2nd in my age group for a couple of the combined results.  Not bad for a running season on a gimpy leg.
Finishers shirt, medal and timing chip


  1. Thanks Brad, I like the shirt too. The timing chip has the race logo on it which is sort of cool too.

  2. You really pulled off a couple of great runs after the knee ordeal - congratulations! We were looking up there thinking "Dang, it has got to be hot on that road...." Do you get some kind of award for the "Quadruple Crown of Running" now?

  3. Thanks guys, it was a warm stretch w/ very little shade to catch a break. I'm not sure if there are any awards for the expanded series, guess we will wait and see.