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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pikes Peak Ascent Competitive Entries

Was looking over Pikes Peak stuff - trying to figure out how and if I am going to make it and ran across the Ascent competitive entry list with Mario Macias predicting a 2:03.  7 predictions to go under 2:10 include Max King, Michael Aish. 

Full prediction list has 40 people thinking they can go 2:30 or better including Tommy Manning, Simon Guterriez, Alex Nichols, Rickey Gates, Peter Maksimow.

Some Competitive entry bios

Is a possible course (2:01:06 Matt Carpenter) record ripe for the taking?  Makes me want to be at the Summit for the finish of these guys - would be incredible to see a few of them challenge it.

My guess is Rickey Gates for the win.
Fellow Kiwi Michael Aish - I've never met him - to come in second.
Mario Macias - 3rd
Max King - 4th
Simon Guterriez - 5th

As for me - don't wait at the top, I just want to beat the 6 1/2 hour cut off.  (But 4:30 would be ideal considering unable to train for 2 plus months prior).


  1. I think the most folks that have gone under 2:30 in the ascent was 12 ... last year, but that was with 3 or 4 guys going off course at the Pitt. That should be broken this year for sure (assuming all these guys show up and that the weather is good).

    I am going to say the CR stands though.

  2. Would be cool to see about 3 or 4 guys working their way up the last couple of miles separated by a few steps, fighting for first and with a shot at a CR.