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Monday, August 22, 2011

PP Ascent post race thoughts

It hasn't taken too long to go from "what was" = this years race, to "what could be" = next year.

After the Ascent it was smooth sailing getting the transportation off the Summit back to Manitou - collected the shirt, ate and then wandered very wearily back to the car.  As I got to the car my phone was ringing and it was my son.  He had already tried calling several times.  I could tell on the phone he was excited for me, I was just as excited to tell him how I did. 

The age group limit is 16 to enter - he is itching to do it, in 4 years time - if all goes well, we will do it together.  Or, more likely, he will beat me by a country mile.

I had intentions of getting to the start of the Marathon Sunday morning - but had the best nights sleep in a long time and didn't make it.  Sunday was a day spent at the Air Force Academy watching kids soccer tournament games - with a eye on PPM results on the B berry.

Physically I felt surprisingly well all day - no pain at all and really no aches either.  I even felt like I could have run - I didn't.  I did 45 minutes on the Elliptical this morning - even that felt okay.

School starts for the kiddos today, Soccer is in full swing with practice each night of the week.  Games coming up in Vail, Salida, Pueblo, all over Denver, Ft Collins, Grand Junction - and here in the Springs.  It will be a divide and conquer effort between my wife and I to shuttle our kids all over the place.  The oldest two are playing competitive soccer = Lots of time commitment.

Running will take a back seat - with one race possibly sneaking in there to try out.  I haven't signed up yet, but I am leaning towards doing the Pikes Peak Road Ascent this Sunday.  It is the inaugural race and it is tied into the Ascent / Triple Crown Series.  I am thinking I'm up for it.

As for next year - well it is still a year away, but as I was driving this morning I couldn't help but keep looking up at the Peak and thinking what could be.  I might have "runner's high". 

I am still enjoying the achievement of Saturday.  After we got home from soccer and school shopping yesterday - I put the finishers medal on for a few hours.

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