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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pikes Peak Ascent bold prediction

Not for me, but for the winner.  I voted on GZ's poll for Rickey Gates.  Last year in the week before the Barr Trail Mountain Race I was slogging up the W's and he came cruising up past me.  I didn't know who he was until race day.  I have kind of followed him and his blog since.

Michael Aish was my next choice - for the only reason that he and I were born in New Zealand.  Got to support the Kiwis.  (not the fruit, but the natives).

Just now I was looking at results from the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon - I ran this 2 years ago so have kind of kept track of it since and would like to do it again one day as it is a fast course. 

Anywhoooo.... Mario Macias won today w/ a time of 1:02:50.  That's a 4:57 per mile pace. 


Now I realize that the Ascent is a completely different race - but if that record (2:01:06) was to ever fall, I would give Mario a fighting chance next Saturday.


  1. I think my legs would fall off... Or burst into flames or something... 4:57 is something you won't ever see at the end of a run on my Garmin :)

  2. I think the best chance my Garmin would see 4:57 - throw it over the edge of Cirque