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Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 down, 14115 to go

As of this (Sunday) morning I have run a total of 2 miles since my arthroscopic knee surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago.  1 mile last Thursday on the mill - for a 16:45 time, then another on Friday in 13:45.  I was cleared to start exercising July 21st and have most days gradually done more and more.  The Stationary bike was my staple to begin with, then went to the Eliptical.  Somedays I even did both which resulted in over an hour of exercise for the day.  I've been itching to run though.

With a little race up a 14,115 foot Mountain coming up on now less than 2 weeks - I feel the need to train.  So with 2 weeks on the bike and eliptical to try and gain some base training, I launched into the running last Thursday.  1 mile a day is not much of a launch, but I had to start somewhere.  While most people taper prior to such an event - I don't have a choice but to try and put miles and time on the legs.  Wobbly at times, swollen and achy also.  But overall I have tried hard to ease back into it and not pushed too hard so as to have a setback.

Yesterday, after some lengthy mowing and weed wacking around the house in the morning - my family and I went to Spruce Mtn and did a leisurely 6 mile hike, in just under 2 hours.  Aside from a fun family time, we all came out unscathed, my knee included - and celebrated ice cream style in Palmer Lake.  I was quite pleased with the climb up and down, plus 2 hours moving on my feet - that I felt like I am ready to ramp up the running some more.

So today I decided to do a 10K.

This was not your Grandmother's 10K.  This one took some driving to get to.
Pikes Peak
Drove up to the Summit, then proceeded to walk the majority of the way down, mixing in a few sections of careful jogging, to the A-Frame Shelter, just below timberline.  Going downhill is when the knee aches the most and I felt it getting less functional and more swelling as I went - but really not too bad.
Made it down to A-Frame in 1 hour and 5 minutes.  I have run up to Barr Camp before from the Cog railway, but never any higher.  I have been to the Summit of the Peak before, but never ventured too far down Barr Trail.  Today was a first.  Just over 3 miles and 2200 feet down, including going past Cirque which is mind numbing and nearly bowel moving to look over the edge behind the sign.
1500 feet straight down
Did I mention the Mountain Goats just below the Summit on the road up to it, they were kind of cool to see.
There was a Mountain Goat of another kind that I got a picture of at A-Frame.

#12 and me
 My son came along, we had a great time - moreso going down than going up.  But go up we did
Summit view from A-Frame
I'm so proud of what my kid can do, we ran some, hiked some, rested briefly at Cirque and made it all the way back up to the Summit.  Total time up - including the run, hike, rest - was 1:10.  To be only 5 minutes slower going up than going down made us feel really good.  We celebrated at the Summit house with a 1/2 dozen donuts - 3 each.  Good stuff.  No problems with the knee on the way up, that might have been because we both were feeling our lungs wrapped around our eyeballs.  No-one passed us going up, in fact we passed at least a dozen people.

Overall, 6 1/4 miles (we will call that a 10K), 2200 feet down, then 2200 feet up.  Total time 2:15.  Definitely 2 weary bodies, eased by being topped off with donuts, very happy and not really too sore. 

What does this mean for the Ascent in 2 weeks - I don't know, but I'm feeling stronger each day.  There is no way I won't finish it - lightning strikes aside.  I don't how fast, or slow, I'll do it.  But the thought came to mind on the slow drive down Pikes Peak Highway - is that a week after the Ascent is the Pikes Peak Road Ascent (from the Toll gate to Glen Cove), that won't be easy at all - may be just as tough as the Ascent - but I am wondering if it is something I could do. 

First things first - I've got 14,115 feet to get up again.


  1. Now THAT is how you do a 10k!!! Great to hear that you are becoming much more active on the knee and it is treating you well, Craig - that is awesome!

  2. In a warped way, I am loving your reverse taper. I sort of have a visual on you now, so hopefully I can spot you race weekend.

  3. Thanks Steve / Kathleen. I find it sort of amusing that with less than 2 weeks to go, I have run less than 10 miles of training. But I am so happy the knee is healing and I am able to even run at all.

    GZ: reverse taper = Jedi mind trick. I keep telling myself my body will be fresh and ready to run on race day, at least to Ruxton Ave.

  4. GZ, ps - just checked and bib #'s are assigned. I am #874.
    FWIW - just in case you haven't looked: you are #21.

  5. Hmm ... number one is not yet assigned.

  6. I noticed that too - for either of the races. But didn't MC wear #10 last year?

  7. Yes. There was probably a significance to that but I do not recall what it was.

  8. #1 is probably reserved for that guy you wrote a letter to after the Boston Marathon. Ryan something.....

  9. Great to see you getting some miles in. Your going to rock the ascent!

  10. Thanks Brad. I really wish I had a few more weeks to get some more miles under the belt. But - I'm grateful that I am at least mobile and able to tackle the Mountain