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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PP Ascent musings

Pulled this chart below from the official website for the Ascent regarding why people have already pulled out from the event.  Injury (combining accidents, injury, medical issues and surgery) is number 1.  #2 is Not running due to no reason given.  Huh? Of course the 4 people pregnant, 2 getting married makes me wonder if there is any overlap of those reasons.

Reason                          Cnt
Active duty military              1
Another race                      2
Bike accident                     1
Car accident                      1
Family situation                  6
Illness                           2
Injury                           20
Injury - achilles                 2
Injury - ankle                    4
Injury - back                     4
Injury - broken arm               1
Injury - foot                     1
Injury - groin                    1
Injury - hip                      1
Injury - knee                    12
Injury - leg                      2
Lack of training                  4
Medical issue                     5
Moved                             1
Not Running (Reason not given)   22
Pregnant                          4
Schedule conflict                 3
Surgery                           1
Travel                            2
Wedding                           2
Work                              3
Total pulled:                   108

177 people have signed up to do the Double (Ascent on Saturday, Marathon on Sunday). I can't wrap my brain around doing that - kudos and good luck to them.

I really have no clue what my finish time will be. I'm reasonably certain I will finish. Although having not being able to run in well over a month and still not quite able to run now - in other words, very little training will take place before the Start. Some might say that I have no shot at finishing. I will finish.

Along those lines - Cut off time to finish is 6:30. Average male time to finish is 4:22. So, in my (somewhat) competitive nature to be above average - my goal is 4:21. Splits (from Matt Carpenter Skyrunner Website) for that are: Top of W's = 52:28.  Barr Camp = 2:12:35.  A Frame = 3:05:50

I would love to get a couple of training runs in prior to race day on Barr Trail.  1st choice is to see how long it would take me to get from the Start line to the top of the W's.  I would also like to drive to the Summit and walk down 2 miles, maybe even the 3ish to the A Frame, then try to run back up.   They may or may not happen - I need to be able to run at all before I take on any of those.

And then there is the YouTube videos.  One to psych me up

And one to freak me out

Less than 16 days and 20 hours till race start.


  1. Damn Craig - I get my mind comfortable with this and then you post this stuff and get me firing again. I might need to unsubscribe.

  2. Maybe more sheep posts and less PPA / PPM carnage posts?

  3. Will get pt 2 of the story of the Ramslayer up later this week - heads up, carnage involved. No-one ever believes it's a true story, but it is.