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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pikes Peak Ascent: Training and Goals

I've decided to put down my training plan and then my race goals.  If for no other reason than should I do the Ascent next year - to NOT follow the plan I did this year.

On June 23rd I found out I had a torn meniscus in my right knee - surgery also later revealed significant tissue damage due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Surgery was July 12th.  On July 23rd after being cleared to exercise - I started carefully using a stationary bike, then an elliptical.  Did those for a while - with the purpose of trying to build some general fitness, all the while not trying to have my knee hurt any more than it did.

On August 4th I got on a treadmill and walked / jogged / shuffled a mile - taking 16:45 to do so.  The next day I did another mile, in 13:45.  With 2 weeks to go before race day I had 2 miles of training completed. 

At this stage, my race goal was simply to beat the cut off time of 6 1/2 hours.

Sunday, Aug 7th my (12 yr old) son and I drove to the Summit of Pikes Peak and managed carefully to go down the Barr Trail 3 miles to the A-Frame Shelter.  It took us just over an hour, purposefully being careful on the knee.  The trip up took us 70 minutes.   After that, my race goal moved to 6 hours.

On Tuesday (Aug 9) I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at max (10%) incline, increasing speed as I went - was okay - giving me confidence.  Thursday came around and I decided to get back on Barr Trail.  This time from the race start line and go up the W's, maybe even further.

I posted about that run and was deliberately vague.  I was out for 4 hours but didn't write how far up the trail I went.  Time to come clean.  I went all the way up to Barr Camp - took me 2 hours and 5 minutes.  I rested there for a good chunk of time and then came back down for the 4 hour round trip - total distance: 10 1/4 miles.

I realize it is silly to do this - but that put me on track for about a 4 hour Ascent.  (I did in my post say that I was on track for less than 5 hours).  Was that my new goal?  Honestly - no.  4 hours would be ridiculous, however - 5 hours was the new goal.

Next 2 days no running, still using the bike and eliptical.  Sunday, Aug 14th I did another building block run - 10 miles, on rolling roads and managed to maintain a 9 min mile average.

Monday - drove up to the Summit again - went down 3 miles, then back up 3 miles, the return trip up in 60 minutes flat.  The top mile is definitely the hardest, I struggled for sure.

The legs are tired, in fact I decided yesterday that I should not run anymore till race day.  I did 45 minutes on the Eliptical this morning, will ride a few miles on the bike tomorrow, then nothing this Friday.  So, a brief recap - total (running) training miles 37 1/4.

That leads me to Saturday, race day and my goals.

Honestly, I will be disappointed if I don't beat 5 hours.  Probably be a little miffed if I can't beat 4 1/2 hours.  I would like to think that 4:21 is doable - that being the average time. 

Here is where I go nuts...... I give myself a chance of actually doing the thing in 4 hours. 

I have broken the race into 4 sections.  I am going to be yelling at myself going up the W's to not push it, even positioning myself at the start line to be slowed by the crowds.  If I take that as easy as possible it may give me a chance after No Name Creek to run and pick up the pace.

So, my second section of the race will be No Name to Barr Camp - the so called "flat section".  If I can - I expect to run 2/3rds to 3/4's of that.  If I get to Barr Camp in 2 hours - depending on how I feel, I will know if I can attempt to beat 4 hours total.

The next section is a mystery to me: I've never been from Barr Camp to A-Frame.  From what I have read and heard - it ain't pretty.  I'll make sure at Barr Camp to fuel up and try to gut it out.

A-Frame to the Summit..... I don't expect this to be done in an hour like I did 2 days ago - but I do hope to be able to run in spots - even if they are little spots.  The 16 golden stairs may kill me, but if I can keep moving through them and make it to the top - I will be very happy.

Next post will be my race report on Saturday night.

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