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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going at 10 percent

As Monday wore on the effects of Sunday afternoon became more noticeable.  Not the knees, but my quads and calves.  Twisted mind of mine maybe, but it felt good to feel the burn.

Hindsight from Sunday on the Peak - was good to know what the altitude (lack of) felt like when trying to run.  I'm guessing we ran (very slowly & gingerly) down about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way - to the A-Frame.  Then going up, probably ran 1/4 to 1/3.  The big thing was lack of water in the last 2 miles.  We ran out so the last 10 minutes I think dehydration + altitude = a bit wobbly.

Monday evening I got on the Stationary bike and did 10 miles, was able to get a good sweat up and pushed as much as I could.  Felt good.

Running plans for the next 10+ days before the Ascent are shaping up - although nothing really set in stone.  I kind of have things mapped out as to what I want to do - which would be as much as possible, without getting hurt or cooked.

This morning woke up stiff in the hips, lower back - arthritis flaring up maybe?  I got on the Treadmill, set the incline for 10% and ran.  42 minutes later, 3 miles completed.  Not great, but good for where I am at physically.  Will try to do similar or better tomorrow.

Thursday I would like to get some work on the Barr Trail - top of the W's maybe.  Friday I would like to get back to the Summit and get back down to A-Frame and back up. 

I had not used the i-pod in so long but remembered it this morning - first song up Foo Fighters "walk" - the theme song for my Ascent training.  Finished with AwolNation "Sail".   I like the song more than the video.

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