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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pikes Peak Training and a new race

Looks like a New Race on Pikes Peak - up the Pikes Peak Highway from the Toll Gate to Glen Cove.  11.6 miles, 3675 elevation gain, avg 5 - 8% grade.  Inaugural race this August 28th - same day as the Assault on the Peak - bike ride from Manitou, up to Pikes Peak Summit.  

My idea of a Pikes Peak Triathlon from a month or so ago is starting to get legs / wheels / closer.  The revised (unofficial, unplanned, uncoordinated and very unlikely that I will try it) version:
1) Run from the Toll gate up to Glen Cove, 2) bike from Glen Cove to the Summit, 3) buy a "world famous donut" from the Summit House.

My son and I are entered into the Barr Trail Mountain Race on July 17th.  We are both curious / excited / hoping that he can maybe get close to the age group record (2:42:52) for the 10-14 yrs.  He is 12, by the time he is 14 it may happen, hopefully by him.  We hiked up to Barr Camp a few weeks back a couple of weeks ago - round trip took about 6 hours, so we only need to take off 3 hrs 20 mins or so and the record is his.  We hiked, rested, took a 30 minute stop at Barr Camp.  No rush at all that day - just wanted him to see what he is getting into.

Last night - we started his training for it, so, from the start line up to the top of the W's.  31:03.  Very proud of him.  I had him lead the whole way so he could set the pace.  We stopped a few times for water - (was 89 degrees when we parked to start - although not too bad in the shade), calf stretching and breath catching - never stopping the watch.  According to official race splits - he beat the record by over 50 seconds.  We have a long way to go, where so much can happen and realise there is so much more than the W's to this race.  But this very proud Father is a little giddy about what potentially lies ahead.


  1. Doubt I will do the road race being a week after the marathon.

    31 to the top of the Ws? Was that from the Cog? Or the Firehouse?

  2. From the Cog Station / BTMR start line.

  3. From him when we got to the top of the W's "Wow, that was harder than when we hiked it a few weeks ago". Me "puff, wheeze, gasp - uh huh"

  4. Eh. Youth is SO wasted on the young.

  5. Agreed, along w/ money and Ice Cream. It's all good though.

  6. Sounds like you have an up and coming mountain runner - awesome that you two can enjoy it together! Wheezing and gasping is standard fare on that beast of a trail :)