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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pikes Peak Triathlon !!!

So I have always wanted to do a triathlon - but I swim like an empty bottle (float around for a bit, gradually taking on water and then eventually sink).  I got to thinking yesterday about doing some sort of Pikes Peak Triathlon.  First of all - in the desire to avoid death anytime soon - I probably would not do it.  But hey, here goes to be the first(?) with the FKT (Fastest Known Time) to do the following: Start at the Ranger / Entry gate to Pikes Peak Highway - buying an entry pass to validate the time of start.  Race Drive up to the top of the Peak and park the car.  Buy something from the Summit house - validating the time, then remove a bike from the roof of the car and bike down the road (insert "hang on for dear life" here) to Manitou Springs to the coffee shop at the round-a-bout at the bottom of Ruxton.  Buy something there (documenting time again).  Then run / walk / hike up Barr Trail to the Summit.  So, don't join me some time this Summer in this unplanned, unsupported, unsponsered, unorganized, uneventful, unrewarded Triathlon.  All signs seem to point that this is something that should be done.


  1. This is truly insane.

    I love it.

  2. If that last photo wasn't there I would agree. Still doubt if I will try it. Good luck Saturday on your 25 or 50 - whichever you choose.

  3. The only issue is that bikes are not permitted on the pikes peak highway. And going down that section of 24 is a death wish with the traffic (But very fast. Your entire bike portion would involve about 5 minutes of pedaling and the rest is just tuck and fly. I did it for the Pikes Peak Assault last year when they closed one lane of 24 and the PP highway for the ride. )

    A slightly less insane but still fitting for Colorado tri would be as follows.

    Swim: Chatfield State Park

    T1: Chatfield State Park

    Bike (112 miles): Roxborough Park Rd -> Titan road -> 85 -> 67 -> woodland park -> West on 24 to Divide -> CO RD 51 -> CO RD 3 -> Floressant -> Woodland park via HW 24 -> Manitou Springs

    T2: Memorial Park in Manitou

    Run: PPM

  4. Thanks John, now knowing bikes are not allowed on PP Hwy - I can put that stupid thought I had out of my head.

  5. Bikes are allowed on the PP Hwy one day during the year:

    it will cost you $180+

  6. Good to know, thanks John. But now that stupid Tri thought is back in the brain. Wonder if it is possible to do the bike assault thing, then the Ascent - then the new 3rd leg of the tri would be the Cog down?