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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A February run in May

There are times I question my sanity, ability & common sense.  Along with those, today I question the calendar.  Wednesday morning woke up to snow on the ground.  This is the 2nd week of May not the 2nd week of February, right?  Monday, did 4 miles on the treadmill - too windy in my mind to be outside running.  This evening did 8 miles in ridiculous conditions, far worse than Monday.

Did a 4 mile out and back along the Santa Fe Trail starting at the Nth entrance of the Air Force Academy.  Started off into a steady breeze stiff wind howling miserable gale from the North, complete with sleet, snow, freezing drizzle, gropple, snizzle, snapple, schmuckel (might have made a few of those up) pelting into the face.  I don't know too many swear words, I used them all up in the first 10 steps.  Good thing I had at least brought with me a jacket, gloves and hat.

I slogged for 4 miles into it - could only manage a 9:30 pace.   The further North I went the more miserable the weather and I became.  Finally turned around after 4 miles and felt like I was done, ready to quit right there, no more running anytime soon, anywhere, anyhow.  Problem was I was 4 miles from the car.  Suck it up sunshine - well there wasn't any of that around - well then, hike up your skirt little girl and run back to the car.  I did, miserably managing 8:30 avg back.  Legs felt like crap, frozen crap at that.  Brain was no better.

One of those runs to forget.  Forget the weather, the results, the mindset.

Drove home, waiting for me was a big bowl of the wife's homemade Chili.  Good stuff, followed by a couple (maybe more) of the oldest daughter's homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies - if this Soccer thing doesn't work out for her she has a future in baking, at least for me.  Then to top it all off, my youngest daughter convinced me to join her in a bubble bath.  It has been a while (never) since I have had a bubble bath.  Actually felt nice on my achy knees.

So, the world has somewhat restored order - although it is snowing again outside.

Here are photos from Thursday morning at my house.....
Out running in it today, w/ at least 6" on the ground, is "Mr Tight's"......

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  1. :-0 Thursday was one of those days... Snow, rain, sun, wind, repeat. Spring in Colorado is awesome!!