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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Barr Trail Mountain Race Sign up Day

Thanks to GZ for the reminder.  I just signed up (here).  I might be wrong but it seemed a different sign up process this year.  I already knew that the 2am sign up time for $15 or so was not an option, but the sign up link didn't look familiar.  I think also they have a new RD.   No big deal, I'm in and my knees and lungs both just thanked me for it :(  This will be my second year doing it and will surely help some w/ training for the Ascent.  I'd like to improve on last year (2:20:41). The first born may also do it this year.  He has some Mountain Goat in him.   Speaking which - in my attempt to do better this year, following this guy on this shortcut is likely not a wise choice......

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  1. Yeah - definitely a change in the registration process. No sweat on that - as the race gives all its proceeds back to the community and the 15 dollar reg was usually a way for me to "ear mark" money back to other race charities anyway. At 35 bucks - it is still ridiculously cheap compared to other races of similar length, logistical challenges ... (that said, if the RD has changed, I am curious if we see other changes at the race ... this one has been a classic so far)