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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"On your marks......."

4 days till I run the Ogden Marathon.  I chose to run this for several reasons. 

1) Elevation at the start line is 5400'.  Finish line is 4309'.  With the over 1000 ft drop, I figure that will help.  According to the elevation chart, Mile 20 to Mile 24 is a 600 ft drop.  By that time I very well could be ready to be a rolling stone gathering no moss.  In other words, I need all the help I can get.
2)  It's fairly close to home.  Flight is less than 1 1/2 hrs away.   After my first marathon I jumped on a plane and travelled for 2 days.  Even though that was 19 yrs ago, I still remember how painful it was.  At least this time I will run in the morning, be home later that same afternoon and can at least recouperate suffer in the comfort of my own home.
3)  I ran the American Discovery Trail marathon here in the Springs (from Palmer lake to near Downtown Springs) last Fall.   Even though I finished in 3:37:53, I wanted to and was on pace to beat 3:30 for the first 18 or so miles.  So I kind of consider that a failure and since then have wanted to beat that time.
4)  I have trained (I think) better than last Fall.  Sure my knees have not appreciated the pounding and at times I probably have either been at or crossed over the "overtraining to the point of injury" line.   But I have logged more miles, hills, used a more structured training plan - I think and hope it might pay off.
5)  I have a better race day plan this time.  That plan could also read goal.  Actually - I have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.
Plan / Goal A = beat 3:37:53.  Avg pace needs to be 8:18 min miles
Plan / Goal B = beat 3:30:00.  Avg pace needs to be 8:00 min miles
Plan / Goal C = beat 3:27:00.  Avg pace needs to be 7:53 min miles
That would give me a PR.  Sure there is the wild dream of a BQ - which for me is 3:20:59.  That would require a faster than 7:40 pace.  I can't see that happening.

So I plan on starting out at the 8 min pace, keep that going for 16, 18, maybe even 20 miles.  If I can assess at either of those points that I could pick up the pace, maintain to the end - then I will and try get under the 3:27 mark.   If not, I think (also insert "hope") that 3:30 is reachable this time.

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  1. Excellent. Be ready to make those teeth sweat from twenty on.