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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Greenland Trail 25K Race Report

Nice day for a trail run.  Sure it was a little breezy, but it has been much worse there.  The temparature was about 50 at race start and warmed up to over 70 by the time I was done.  I had decided not to carry water - really could have used some more on the second lap.  50K race started at 8 am, 25K at 8:15 am and the 8 miler at 8:30 am.  This allowed for more people to be in each race.  I don't think it was too crowded although there were times that I'm sure some people got in the way of others.  I think there was about 300 in each race.

On to the race.... I had convinced myself that I shouldn't overdo it.  Goal finish time was 2:10 to 2:15.  Goal pace was to average 8:45 for the first 5 miles or so, to the top of the saddle, then bring it down to about 8:30 by the end of the first lap.  Then for the second lap to stay around that 8:30 pace till the end - I would  allow myself to drop the average a bit for the next 5 miles of up, but knowing I could likely bring it back down to 8:30 by finish time.  Pleased to say that I did just about all these. 

First lap felt good, about the only issue was sweat, mixed w/ sunscreen in the eyes.  Started out for the first mile at 8:50 pace, that was the most crowded it was all day but it kept me in check and set me up well.  Made it to the first aid station at mile 3 1/4 at 8:45 avg and I had not been passed by anyone since about mile 2, aside from a few leapfroggers - I left them behind on the uphills.  The uphills were good and strong and I maintained the 8:45 pace, passing quite a few 25K runners along w/ 50K runners also by this stage.  At the turnaround I even got to give a drive by kiss to my 5 yr old.  Half way turnaround time was just over 1:06 at an avg 8:30 pace.  Was taking 2 shot blocks at each aid station along w/ a cup of water.  The steady climb back to the last aid station I allowed myself to slide back to 8:40 avg pace as the temparature increased.  I was noticing more of the 25k runners starting to struggle, as did the 50k runners I was passing - I was getting thirsty but still doing okay on the hills.  I decided that today was definitely the day to not try do my first 50K race.

Made it to the 3rd and final aid station and walked through drinking 2 full cups of water and taking last 2 shot blocks.  The next mile was the steepest and with the distance already covered, plus the heat - really began to take it's toll on most runners that I was around and passing, including me.  I struggled a bit but stayed strong up the hill, avg pace dipped back to 8:45 by the time I reached the top of the saddle - I realized there that 2:10 finish time was out of reach, but 2:12 was doable - if I pushed it.  Was quite thirsty and really could have used fluids the rest of the way in.  Knees were holding up okay, feet were getting hot and tired.  Hit a good pace for the last 3+ miles.  That last mile was quite long as it is really not downhill but I was determined to just get done and see if I could still pass people. 

Final time was 2:11:52.  2nd lap was close to a minute faster than the 1st lap.  As of this moment I can't see official results, which I am more curious about than anything, knowing I didn't win anything but still wanting to see how I stacked up overall, age group etc. 

No regrets, lots of sweat, not enough water, but pleased with the effort and time.  I think I did good considering the Marathon is now only 2 weeks away.

Met the family just after I finished.  The 1st born had run the 8 miler, he rocked his last years time (1:22:13).  Today he did 1:04:53 - a 17 1/2 minute improvement.  His results were posted, he came 18th overall, 2nd in his (<19yrs) age group.  Oh to be 12 again - he did no training at all and kicked butt.


  1. Nice run Mr Knuckledragger - better weather than that race has seen in a while, but maybe a bit too warm??

  2. Thanks, it was warm, the breeze actually felt nice (coming in from the Sth), but w/ it at the back on the 2nd 1/2 of each lap it felt quite warm, plus I was parched. Still, I'll take todays conditions over 30 mph winds and 30 degrees.

  3. Amen to the warm conditions. I am ready for them.

    Hey - nice work. Good run, some things learned (water?) going into Ogden. What is the goal there?

  4. This seemed like this was one of the first warm days to run - so with training in cooler weather, not even carrying water for 8, 10 miles hadn't really been a big deal. Learnt that there's a big difference between 40ish degrees and 70's.

    Ogden. That will take some putting into words. I'll likely write on that this week. Scatterbrained right now