Defn: a human male displaying evidence of devolution - exhibits distinctive "caveman-like" tendencies. This man often dribbles in public places; cannot drink a beverage without spilling it on himself, the floor or someone else; may also run into objects like lampposts & bushes; has a definite "sloopish & short legged" running style that is slow and low to the ground, often resulting in the dragging of knuckles.

These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Friday, May 6, 2011

10 things to do the day before a race

I'm running the Greenland Trail 25K race tomorrow, what should I do ?
1) Tell one self that he is running the (Ogden) Marathon 2 weeks later - so don't run like an idiot.
2) Argue with that same self - you plan on taking 2 days off running after it - surely you will recover if you run hard.
3) Make common sense prevail - at least for today.  It's time to taper - run & enjoy the weather, the trail, the experience etc... we'll see how that turns out.
4) Try to take your mind off the race - how about watching some online video's?  There is that one about the tornado in New Zealand, sheesh, I used to live there - they don't get tornados.  How about a video less intense?
5) Checked out the wife's FB page - she got this somewhat funny one yesterday in honor(?) of Cinco de Mayo.
6) Hmmmm, speaking of the wife - Mother's day on Sunday, better do something about that.
7) Oh yeah, running tomorrow, better drink lots of water.  Hang on a minute - be right back, gotta go pee.....again....
8) Better eat right today too.  The trip to the Donut Mill in Woodland Park probably should be rescheduled.
9) Drive round in circles like it seems like I do all day every day - noticed this billboard on Fillmore, just West of I-25.  Is that the Skyrunner on that?  Is he also the Windwalker now?

10) Rest the knees.  Those old, creaky, achy, problematic, sore, tired, worn out, funny looking things need the rest.
11) A bonus one..... spend 3 hours writing a blog, getting repeatedly interupted, not getting any work done, in essence letting the day get away from you.  Before you know it it will be time to go to sleep, then it will be race day.

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