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Monday, May 16, 2011

BTMR record attempt

First of all - not for me, (no chance of that ever happening).  For my son.  Just signed him up.   We talked about it over the weekend and got permission from the boss.  I will be running it with him and training for it with him.

When I signed up a few weeks ago for it I had done so with the hope of running to beat my time from last year.  That may or may not have happened - but we decided to take what little mystery out of that to see what the kid can do.

A few things led to this......
1) He did really well on the Greenland Trail 8 mile race a week ago, improving on his last years time by 17 1/2 minutes. 
2) The training gives us something to do this Summer together. 
3) We are still planning on hiking the Peak in a few weeks - that will give him an idea reality check of what he is getting into. 
4) I ran it last year in 2:20 and change.  The age group record for the 10 - 12 age group is 22 minutes slower than what I did.  We think that is reachable for him. 
5) He is 12, loves to run and (his words) loves running up hills.
6) If he doesn't get the record this year - he will still have 2 years in his age group to try beat it.
Here he is on the Greenland Trail, minus head - removed somehow


  1. SWEET. That would be pretty cool.

    But, DAMN. That is a crazy ass run for a 12 year old. That kid must be nails!

  2. Totally agree it is a tall task for him. He has run the distance before (Did the Slacker 1/2 marathon last year - which I know is all downhill). We will (try to anyway) be smart though, w / training and prep, race day etc. He has got some Mtn goat juice in his veins though - I give him a better than 50/50 chance he can do it.