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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know, a very grown up title for this post.  But that is how I feel about my knee.

Tuesday night's jaunt up Barr Trail to the top of the W's with my son was okay - nothing different on the (right) knee than normal.  But on the jog down, despite going real slow and trying not to jar it to much - it really started aching, swelling and I ended up walking the last mile, slowly.

Ice packs, heating pads, elevating it, wrapping it, trying to massage it some - done them all, several times each on and off since that time, but there is only slightly noticeable improvement.  


Garden of the Gods 10 miler on Sunday morning - part of the Triple Crown.  I'm still going to run it, have determined that it is best that I not run till then - hopefully allowing the swelling etc to calm down.  But then I think I probably should shut down the running for a couple of weeks - or more. 

This is slightly wishful thinking - but I don't think any of the _CL's are torn - but what do I know.  Actually, I really don't want to know - for fear of actually having something structurally wrong.  Very grown up of me.  There has never been any one specific time that I can pinpoint where "something" popped, pulled, tore, broke in the knee.

The past 4 to 6 months the knee has had it's moments of giving me pain, swelling and noticeable discomfort - but with the prominent goal of the marathon training - I have run with it and through it.  I run, it hurts, gets somewhat better before I run again, so I have run, it hurts, repeat etc.

The marathon went great, the knee pain was there before, during and certainly after.   Either my tolerance has slipped since the race, or something else has happened - what, I don't know.  In the 2 1/2 weeks since I have run only 4 or 5 times, taking it easy for the most part - but still wanting to clock miles so that I can do better than last year at the GOG race.

Rambling I know.... I took 5 days off running after the marathon, last week I took another 5 day break to see if that will help - did somewhat, but these last 2 days have just been ridiculously annoying, frustrating & uncomfortable / painful.

I am not a fan of drugs, prescription or otherwise.  I do regularly take Fish Oil supplements, as well as eat a decent amount of fish, vege's, fruit - along with Ice Cream which doesn't probably help the knees, but sure helps the mind.

Am I asking for help?  Or sympathy?  Advice?  Not really - I'm just venting my frustration at getting old, getting hurt - when I am really at a point in my life where running is something that I really, really enjoy - but can't do so enjoyably.  So one more time......



  1. Vent away - hope the GOG 10 is tolerable. Do you bike at all?

  2. Venting (almost) over, knee is coming around - slowly. Biking is an option - will likely do more of, along w/ stretching and core stuff. Hoping that will help the running.