Defn: a human male displaying evidence of devolution - exhibits distinctive "caveman-like" tendencies. This man often dribbles in public places; cannot drink a beverage without spilling it on himself, the floor or someone else; may also run into objects like lampposts & bushes; has a definite "sloopish & short legged" running style that is slow and low to the ground, often resulting in the dragging of knuckles.

These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Ramblings / Music

Some misc. stuff, for no apparent reason, in no particular order.......
* We need rain, if for no other reason than to clean the air - smoke / dust clouds help to make pretty sunsets and sunrises, but I would like to see more blue sky and pretty mountains more clearly.
* I do a lot of driving - GPS is a great tool, mine has an option to set it for different languages, this morning I set it to an English (Female) one.  Driving along I was told to "take slip road on right and proceed 1.7 miles".  Worked out that a "slip road" is an exit ramp.  Other directions were mostly understandable - but as I was driving couldn't help but think I was in a BBC documentary and the lady navigator was itching to describe a wilderbeast perusing a watering hole, keenly observing for predators.
* Razzleberry Pie is awesome, especially w/ Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  The other good thing is that no-one else in my house likes it (the pie that is - ice cream is a different story).
* My kids are all very cute and we have a ton of photos of them.  The funniest ones we have are when they are sleeping.  My 2 daughters decided to sleepout in our living room over the weekend and pulled the 2 couches together to make a bed - we have photos (probably won't post them) of the youngest using the oldest as a pillow.  The other fun one is the top and tail one - with each of them having their feet no more than an inch from the other's face.
* Sometimes when driving I get so sick of listening to so much crappy music on the radio - regardless of which station I am on - and will choose to listen to commercials instead.
* Spruce Mountain is my favorite place to run - after taking 5 days off running I went there late yesterday and did 11 miles.  Some good climbs, usually only run into a handful of people there.  Mostly single track trails in the woods, some open space and great views.


  1. I did some yard work yesterday and put the radio on. Holy crap ... BAD! Switched over to the iPod pretty quickly.

  2. Definite must on the rain - driving in from the eastern plains yesterday it looked like LA. Spruce is great - much better than Greenland, especially on windy or hot days.