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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rapids vs Galaxy

Went to Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy Soccer game last night.
For those who do more running and less following of professional soccer (me included) - the main man on the Galaxy team is David Beckham, married to Posh Spice - no, I don't have any Spice Girls songs on the iPod.  Found out when we arrived he didn't make the trip, back spasms.  Whatever.  Kids were a little sad.  Next most popular player on their team = Landon Donovan.  He didn't make the trip either, w/ the national Soccer team.  Kids a little sad about that too.

However, the Overachieving Soccer Mom that I am married too had organized a group of 32 people to go to the game, amongst a few freebies that we got for that was a chance for all of us to carry the (Rapids) team banner onto the field at the start of the game for the National Anthem and Player introductions.  Kids are still smiling today - so are the parents, it was kind of cool. 

Got there 1 1/2 hrs before the game - got to walk around some, watched player warm ups etc, then we took the field.  Pics of that, plus a few of the game (the referees Galaxy won 3-1, for what it is worth).

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