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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Zealand Stuff

I know when I started this Blog it was to focus on (mostly my) running. Been getting a little sidetracked the last few days - today especially.

I was born and raised in New Zealand. Having chosen to move to and live in Colorado over 15 years ago - where I intend on staying - there are certain things that I don't do, see or experience here that I did growing up in New Zealand.

My parents have been visiting for a few weeks - has been good to catch up with them with what is going on back there and bringing back memories.

So, I did some trolling of YouTube earlier and these 4 videos do a decent job of giving a slice of what New Zealand life is like. What they do, watch and experience, as well as just how pretty the country is.

First up - w/ no end to the NFL lockout in sight, maybe we could get our fix watching Rugby instead....

Next, the New Zealand Accent and hard work ethic - best expressed in this commercial (Plus if you listen carefully at the end you'll hear a friendly dig at Aussies)

Then there is the scenary.....

And last - back to the running theme - a video of trail running in the South Island of New Zealand.


  1. Wow, would love to talk about NZ sometime. I spent a month there in 2002 and it's high on my list if I ever get to live abroad, unlikely but a dream.

    Where'd you grow up? Ever think about going back to run some trail races? Speights?

  2. Grew up just Nth of Wellington - very hilly, rugged and pretty (think Lord of the Rings almost). If and when I go back I will definitely want to run / race some trail races. Costs a ton to fly there though w/ (my) family of 5 - so not likely we go over anytime soon.