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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January blew by

The obligatory statement that there was a bunch of wind last month - I don't like running (or doing much of anything) in the wind.

Finished up the month w/ a total of 122 1/2 miles, only ran 17 times, gained over 11 1/2 thousand feet elevation.

Some highlights were running w/ my oldest daughter on the Rescue Run on New Years Day, running the first  and second races of the Winter Distance Series w/ my Son - plus a few training runs with him also.  I made it up to Barr Camp again - have managed to do so every month since (and including) August (for the Ascent) of last year. 

Ran Waldo Canyon a couple of times - including last Thursday when I actually took 3 minutes off my best time there.  That was nice because I felt like I could have gone harder on the way back down - but held back to conserve the hammies.  The rest of the way around I managed to run just about all of it and a consistent pace.

On Sunday afternoon, while #12 was at Soccer Practice I ran through Bear Creek Park and then up Gold Camp road to just past the end of the paved section - a gradual climb of about 1300 feet that I had not run before.  I wouldn't mind going up further some other time and meeting up w/ High Road - of the Summer Roundup 12K course - coming back down that. 

Finished the month off yesterday afternoon trying something new in training for the Super Half Marathon coming up this Sunday.  I ran with my hydration backpack - that itself is nothing new as I often take it w/ me on 8+ milers.  But yesterday I filled it up w/ water and clothes - all totalling 7 extra pounds.  The goal is by Sunday, to run a few more times with the same added weight - then without it on Sunday I will feel lighter and therefore faster.  Will see how that goes.

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