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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super 1/2 Marathon Race report

Brisk morning for a race - in the 20's, but the sun was shining and only a (very) slight breeze from the South.  With 3' snow drifts at my house it was nice to run on 99% snow free trails.

Going in to the race I was a mix of curious and hopeful of how I would do.  After the race I am okay w/ how I did, would have liked to have done better - but am accepting that with the arthritis in the knees limiting the ability to train well - the race was a good reflection of my current fitness level and therefore, ability.

I wanted to go out at a 7:30 pace for the first couple of miles, then see how things were from there - gradually increase if possible.  15:04 at mile 2, doing okay - no aches or niggles but also not feeling super strong.  Maintain.  Mile 4: 30:20.  By the end of mile 4 I knew there would be no 1:35 finish (pipe dream goal).

So, I just kept on going - gradually losing a second or more per mile pace as each mile went by.  At the turnaround point I was about 65th overall.  For the next 3 miles it was a mix of being passed by the occasional runner, me passing the occasional runner. 

W/ about 3 miles to go at the last aid station 2 ladies had eased up behind me, one of them being the eventual Masters winner.   I decided to try hang with them the rest of the way in - requiring more effort but I was able to keep within 20 feet of them both for the next 2 + miles.

W/ a half mile to go, I tried to push more and caught back up to them - all the while we were catching two other guys ahead who were dropping back to us.  It was a good thing they were there as the competitive juices in me used them as targets.  With about a 1/4 mile to go I passed the 2 ladies and bridged the gap to one of the guys.  That last few minutes was a blurr, definitely accentuated by a lack of oxygen to the brain - but I managed to pass by the one guy and squeeze in front of the other guy with about 10 feet to spare from the finish line.  Spent.

1:41:27 officially, 60th place overall (367 finishers), 9th out of 59 in the (40 - 49) age group.   As mentioned earlier - a good reflection of where I am at in my physical abilities as a runner.

What's next?  In the short term - some slightly aching quads but really not too bad.  Will take a couple of days of not running, maybe some stationary bike and / or eliptical work and then run w/ #12 the last 2 races of the Winter Distance Series.  I'll run when I can, sticking to the trails, enjoying where I live and make the most of each opportunity to run.

Here is a pic of yesterdays race - w/ about 1 1/2 miles to go.  Kind of sums up where I am at w/ running mentally - I'm the guy in the middle of the photo - a little out of focus - running to keep up, running to keep life in focus.  Eh, not really - the other photo I found of me running yesterday my eyes were closed, head down, looking like I was about to cry / pass out / or both.

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  1. It's a little blurry Craig - you sure you weren't on the pink top??? :) Nice race showing and a good indication that your winter fitness is doing well. Have *fun* Saturday at the wind tunnel ;-)