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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ww Ww Wwin n n nter Series Th th three race report

Trying to empasize in the post title that it was brisk baby out there this morning.  Approx 12 degrees, light snow and noticeable wind from the South.

Couple of failures for me today - 1) the watch died .2 miles into the race.  2) I lost my kid.

Started out mid pack (where it was warmest) w/ #12, started slowly - figuring beforehand today was unlikely to produce a fast time - we just wanted to run, be done, go home.

With the watch dying before we barely started I didn't know how fast / slow we were going - but knew it wasn't that quick.  The course had been plowed but footing still wasn't great.  With the wind and snow at our back the first 2 1/2 miles the conditions were not too bad - we ran mostly in the tracks left by the plow, wind was okay behind us - then we turned around.

Before the race started we had talked about how to run the way back into the wind.  I would go in front of him and he would tuck in as close behind me - shielding him as much from the wind as he drafted.  So, as we turned we put our heads down, passed a guy and then (I thought) he tucked in right behind me.  Turns out he didn't pass that guy at the turnaround.

We kept going South, I gradually picked up the pace and he (or someone) stayed right in behind me.  With about a mile to go to the finish - I had not looked behind me since we turned around - I glanced over my shoulder and asked how he was doing.  A muffled voice said something back to me - I didn't hear what he said - that wasn't the problem - it was not the voice of #12.

I immediately swung out off the track I was in and turned around - couldn't see #12 anywhere.  Oh crap, I lost him.  I ran backwards a few steps, looking through the snow, no sign of him.  Was he lying on the side of the track, frozen in his tracks?  Did he stop at the Search and Rescue bike a 1/2 mile back?  Did he stop at the turnaround point? 

I wish I could say I stopped and waited, or turned around and went back North to look for him.   I jogged backwards into the wind for 30 seconds or so, slowing and looking for him.  I finally saw him, a good distance back, head down, still moving forward, plugging along.  Good, he was okay.  Now, what do I do, go back and get him?

Dad of the Year?  Dad of the Decade?  Dad of the World?

Uh, no - my butt was cold and I just wanted to be done.  Seeing (and easily talking myself into) he was okay - relatively speaking  - I turned around, put my head back down and picked up the pace all the way to the finish.  Not sure how fast that last mile was but I passed a dozen or more people, went straight from the finish line to the hot chocolate table and grabbed one for #12 (and one for me) - got it just in time to meet him at the finish.

Beat him by a couple of minutes, of that I am not proud.  We jumped in the car and went to Safeway for Soup and therapy.  He was okay that I lost him - at least that is what he has told me since.  He is a snotty mess since though, is already in bed (before 7:30 pm) sleeping - the kid is exhausted.

He is in first place now in his age group (for the Series) though.  I guess that is a good thing.


  1. That could not have been fun out there - it was cold (we ran outside too...) and the wind was just insult to injury. Good on you both for getting out and racing in this mess - glad #12 wasn't lost in a snow drift or something :)

  2. Good Job Craig! Those conditions just sucked! Had to do it though got to stay in the series running for #12. Maybe we will get warmer conditions in 2 weeks. I sure hope!