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Friday, February 17, 2012

Barr Camp run 2/16/12

Each month since October of last year I have been running up Barr Trail to at least Barr Camp.  It has been interesting to see the trail, trees, views and surroundings be different each time as Fall and Winter have come through.  I am looking forward to Spring - but there was not much sign yet of that when I ran it yesterday afternoon.

I parked again about a 1/4 mile down from the Cog - that gives me a 13 1/2 mile round trip.  Was sunny and 46 degrees when I started - so, it wants to be Spring, at least in my mind.

The W's really beat me up, specifically the calves - I had to stop 4 times to try stretch them out, they hurt more than normal.  Not sure why - but I drank a lot of water which seemed to help eventually.  Maybe I was lacking in fluids at the start.  I may experiment with putting a little bit of salt in my water to see if that helps - next time.

About a 1/2 mile after the W's I managed to get into a good groove, running about 95% of the way up to Barr Camp.  Nothing super fast, stopped to put on the YakTracks by the Experimental Forest - where the trail became more snow covered than dirt covered the rest of the way up.

Trail conditions were mostly hard packed snow, just a couple of icy sections, a few dirt stretches - but so much less icy than January's trip, much more enjoyable this time around.

Made it to Barr camp in 1:52.  Not great - 8 minutes faster than January.  So, despite the slowness on the W's - I really made up my time above them.  Rested and chatted at Barr Camp w/ the caretakers for 10 minutes - then made my way back down, trundling at a comfortable 8:30 pace average the whole way down.  Round trip time was 2:49 (+ 10 mins at Barr Camp).

Took a few photos on the down journey - enjoy....

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  1. 8 minutes faster is still 8 minutes faster. Especially in those snow conditions.