Defn: a human male displaying evidence of devolution - exhibits distinctive "caveman-like" tendencies. This man often dribbles in public places; cannot drink a beverage without spilling it on himself, the floor or someone else; may also run into objects like lampposts & bushes; has a definite "sloopish & short legged" running style that is slow and low to the ground, often resulting in the dragging of knuckles.

These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day - 10 thoughts

Leap day thoughts.......
1) Groan - it's windy again.
2) I really don't want to run on the treadmill - where is a place to run where it is sheltered from the wind?  Answer: treadmill.  Groan.
3) Forget the treadmill and suck it up.  Wimp.
4) My wife's birthday is Sunday - I have no idea what to get her.
5) The bottom of my left foot seems to be hurting a little - time for new shoes?  Or was it that run on Spruce Mtn a couple of days ago in the icy mess with tricky footing? 
6) Getting old sucks.
7) What should I eat for lunch today?
8) Groan - it is windy, I thought it wasn't supposed to be as windy as yesterday.  Why do I think about the weather so much? Weather forecasters can't be trusted.
9)  Hmmm, I'm kind of hungry - what did I eat for breakfast?  Did I eat breakfast? 
10) Oh look - it's leap day, or do you call it leap year?  Who cares?


  1. Wind, treadmill, food, wife.

    Sounds about right.

  2. Or, if you ask the wife......
    Wife, kids, get kicked outside and run, food

  3. Colorado Weatherman = Professional Liar.

    and wind is one thing I hate worse than attempting to run on a treadmill ...