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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend DIY

The weekend past was our last one before the madness of Spring (outdoor) Soccer and other kids activities take over.  So the Honeydo list was clearly posted.

* New Garbage disposal - took 2 days due to the clown installing it not reading some sort of fine print, 2 trips to Lowes and 1 to Home Depot - also has to reconfigure the dishwasher - which along the way decided to not drain properly - finally got everything working.
* Fixed some things on the barn.  Last week we picked up an extra horse - so some switching things around on horse stalls was necessary.
* The little one got sick, give it to her mother, gave it to me also.  Another trip in to get some medicine - kids Sudafed PE seems to work on the kid as well as the parents (if you double the parent dose).
* Ice Cream Therapy was also in order.  I am never one to turn down the healing powers of Ice Cream.  I am also one to enjoy ice cream with cake.  I couldn't get anyone to make one, so - being the Chef / Baker that I am - actually, I am not, but I do watch some of the wife's shows on the Cooking network - I baked a banana cake.  Turned out okay.  Even the kids liked it.  Went down smooth with Ice Cream.

I even got a couple of runs in over the weekend.  Sunday afternoon - feeling off (thanks to the kid and her flu type bug) - I managed some mile repeats on the Treadmill.  I'm fairly convinced that 7 min per mile pace on the thing feels the same as 6 minute pace out side.  Not that 7 minutes per mile is easy for me anywhere - but on our treadmill I am hanging on for dear life.

Saturday morning - before the Honeydo list was started - I got out w/ #12 and ran the Winter Series #4 course.  We wanted to run at a moderately steady pace - staying as consistent as we could, not starting out to fast of course, as well as finishing with a little kick (last 1/2 mile or so is a gentle descent).

So, without looking at the watch from the start - we took off and ran as planned.  Maintained throughout, had a good run that ended up being 6 1/4 miles (race is 10K but somehow we added a few steps) and averaged an 8:30 pace - with all the rolling hills not taking too  much of a toll.  We were only 3 minutes off his time for the race from last year.  So, a good and hopeful sign that that he should do good next Saturday.

He has a 2:47 minute lead over the 2nd place kid in his age group.  So, if we run this next race right - he should take first.   (Possibly) some more thoughts on that during this week, prior to race day.

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  1. Been there - what is it about garbage disposals and extra trips to Home Depot??? Good luck to you both on WS #4!