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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spruce Mtn Slip and Slide

Now that the Winter Distance Series is done (aside from an awards Dinner on Saturday for #12 to pick up a 1st place trophy) - I am looking forward to what is next for me.  Can't look too far or too ambitiously due to 3 kids playing Spring Soccer.  Schedules are partially out and it looks like I will be able to do one of the Greenland Trail races.

I have run there the past 2 years.  1st time round was the 1 lapper 8 miler, last year was the 2 lapper 25K.  This year I had been contemplating the 4 lapper 50K - which would have been my longest run ever.   After checking the soccer schedules - looks like the 8 miler is on tap, allowing time to run and then to get off to watch Soccer.  I'm okay with not doing the 50K - my mind is not able to commit to that, my body will probably thank me for it too.

The time will come to put in a fair amount of training on the Greenland Trail course in order to try beat my time from 2 years ago of 1:04:14.  Historically that was my best results race ever - 11th overall (217 finishers) and 2nd in my age group.   It would be nice to try to beat that time this year - that is my goal.

Greenland Trail is across from my favorite place to run, a mile or so away as the crow flies - Spruce Mountain - I ventured there yesterday and it was an ice rink.  I slid and shuffled for 5.5 miles on a rough mix of ice, packed hard snow and mud, nothing smooth on the ankles, howling wind and cool temps.  It was miserable conditions and slow going for the most part. 

What a great run - I dressed well for it, enjoyed it as best I could and took my time.

Greenland Trail is probably a little less icy right now, but more exposed to the wind.  From several areas along the top of Spruce Mtn you can see the Greenland Trail course  - and while looking across to Greenland yesterday, I was glad to be on Spruce and not over there.  Kind of wish the race was on Spruce - but that would likely get more people to train and run on Spruce - where days like yesterday - I had it to myself - I like it like that.


  1. Kipps Loop, Spruce Meadow, and Spruce Mountain would make a sweeeeeet 25k course! I have unfinished business on the 25k as I have twice blown the second lap. If I can get motivated, I would like to go sub 2 hours on that. We may end up 'suffering' through some hot laps over there between now and May :) Well, after the white junk melts. And the winds die down....

  2. I'm trying to pick an afternoon in the next week or so to get a Greenland lap in - one of those rare wind free days, maybe tomorrow, or Sunday - or it may have to wait for April. It is such a wind tunnel - don't want to mess up my hair :)