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Monday, February 13, 2012

Santa Fe Trail 1/2 Marathon

Sunday morning was soooo much different to wake up to than Saturday morning.  Sunny skies and no wind was a welcome sight compared to the day before when the 5 mile race took place for the Winter Distance Series.

The family had cabin fever, wanting to head into the  Springs for some shopping so I had them drop me off in Monument - where the sun wasn't shining and it was 10 degrees colder than at home.  Where I live is a few hundred feet higher than Monument - the lower the elevation the colder the temps were this weekend.

Still ,the weather in Monument was much better than the day before, so I set out, heading South to the Springs along the Santa Fe Trail.  I had mapped it out and it was right at 13.1 miles from 2nd St in Monument to Woodmen Rd in the Springs.

Aside from some lengthy snowy sections for the first 5 miles, followed by some slick muddy spots through the USAFA - it was a fairly uneventful run, yet very enjoyable, the sun even came out for a while, before clouding over for the last few miles.

I maintained an 8 min average the whole way, clocking a few ticks under 1 hr 45 minutes for the 13.1 miles.  Just 3 1/2 minutes slower than the 1/2 marathon race the week before.  Admittedly there was 782 feet elevation drop (the Garmin worked fine this time, as opposed to the day before), mixed in there was 94 feet of climbing - just enough to get my attention.

Called the family - who had been successful shoppers while I was running - and they picked me up.  A good day overall.  I would recommend the run for someone wanting to get 13+ miles in on the trails - with a mostly downhill direction, mixing in a few short hills.

I wouldn't be surprised if I look to do that again someday.


  1. I've thought about getting dumped at Palmer Lake and running to Woodmen - that would be a good one too. Funny how it was still cold and crappy yesterday, but it felt soooo much better than Saturday out there!!!

  2. I actually ran from Palmer Lake to Goose Gossage Park a couple years back - training for the ADT marathon - was not as memorable / enjoyable as this past Saturday though.