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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Winter Series race in Winter!

Race #3 coming up this Saturday, due to last week / end storm that barely impacted the Springs - but did dump on Monument - trail conditions for Saturday will be "adventurous".

Picked up #12 after he finished school yesterday to check out the (Santa Fe) trail.  Parked at the North end of the course and went South 3/4 mile and back.  100% snow covered w/ depths varying from 2" to 4".  Not too bad, going South, but coming back (slightly uphill) North required a little more effort, got a decent sweat going.

Then we jumped in the car and drove South to the Start line.  Ran 1 mile up North and then back.  The first 1/4 mile snow varied from an inch to almost a foot deep :)  Then for the next 3/4 mile the trail was clear - so we didn't cover the whole course, but where we turned around it was covered again all the way up North.

So, we have had some sun today, supposed to get more tomorrow, but by Saturday there will definitely still be noticeable snow in play for the race.

Should be fun.  Hopefully the wind won't blow - but with the course nickname being "The Dreaded Windy Course" - doubt it.  Although yesterday winds were barely noticeable.

As for the mindset of the runners..... #12 was having fun yesterday and threatened to make snow angels during the race.  I recovered fine from the 1/2 last Sunday - so I should keep up with him on Saturday - if I am feeling frisky - may even start a snowball fight, probably not.


  1. Man - I finally catch up, and you throw up another post... You guys should miss out on the cruddy end - that outer section of the long course might be a bit messy. Have fun out there!

    BTW, are you running Greenland this year? We might have to get out on that course for a long run later in the spring if you are...

  2. Hoping to do Greenland this year - waiting to see what the kiddos Soccer schedule looks like on race day before committing. Would like to catch some miles w/ you there this Spring regardless of race or not.