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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Series 2 Race and lesson

The nuts and bolts: I ran w/ #12 - his time was 29:16 for 4 miles, officially I was 3 seconds behind him - got stuck in traffic in the end.  His time was 24 seconds faster than last year, overall average pace was 7:19 per mile.

He still is in 2nd place for his age group after 2 of the 4 races - is way behind the 12 year old in 1st, comfortably ahead of 3rd place (10 yr old) by 2 minutes net time.

I'm not really happy about the outcome, I would like to say I am over it, meaning pleased - but it has taken me over a day to at least try and move on and look forward to the next race.

It's not that my expectations were not met - I was kind of expecting 29 flat.  The race just didn't pan out how I wanted.  Selfishly speaking - I felt like I could have smoked him by at least a minute.  Several times throughout I made a conscious decision to slow down and ease back to him.

After thinking about it for the last day and a half, I've blaming myself for him not doing better.

The race started fast - that was the start of the problem.  We went through the first 1/2 mile well under 7 min pace.  First mile was 6:50.  From then on - I sensed that he was just holding on for dear life the rest of the way.  It didn't matter what I said or didn't say.  Or if I ran behind, beside or ahead of him - the average pace slowly but steadily eased back - with that we got passed by more and more people.  I should have made him start slower.

Through 2 miles and the turnaround in 14:15.  On Tuesday this is where he took off, on Saturday I could tell he was spent.  For the next 2 miles I got more and more frustrated - looking back - I was frustrated at myself more than anything.  In hindsight - coming back in 15 minutes is still good and I really should be proud of that.  He did gut it out - I could tell he was having a bit of a miserable time for those last 2 miles.  Then he also managed a good kicking sprint at the end.

It is a lesson on "what if".  That will be applied for the next race (5 miler).  The "what if" then will be: Dad kind of holding him back at the start.  Prior to the race we both will be establishing the realistic goal finish time - figuring out what pace to run it - and start it, slowly.  For the first mile at least, hopefully 2 or 3 - we will maintain that pace, then see what the final section brings us.

Bottom line - it's not that I expect great things for my kids, but I do hope for great things.  I need to provide the opportunity for those things - be they great results or great efforts.  In the end - doesn't matter what they can or can't do - they are still my kids, they can run and play, they are smart and fun, they don't have any funky diseases (unless you count a noticeable amount of flatulence) - I hope they can be accused of having parents who care about them.

Now, when was our next training run together?


  1. Good job guys! From past experience, these WS races are tough to start too slow or else you end up behind a couple hundred people on a confined trail space. Everyone goes out fast. #3 at least you *usually* have a tailwind to finish - that helps the kick!!! As for that last paragraph, you stand accused ;-)

  2. Hard to hold back that first mile. If you can it will pay off in the long run. Only tricky part of the equation if you hold back too much you will spend energy later on trying to pass all
    of those people. Kind of a double edged sword. It sure does feel better though being the passer late in a race rather than the one passed. Lesson learned I'm sure though and I think #12 will have a great race in 2 weeks!

  3. Good Luck this weekend at the Super Half. I wont be racing. Might go and watch though.

  4. Thanks guys - looking forward to the "windy course" - especially the tail wind part.