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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drinking from the Bathtub / King of the Mountain

My son is told me the other day his goals for the year. 
1) Run 500 miles.
2) Drink 365 bottles of water.

#1 seems a little ambitious.  He doesn't have a Garmin watch to track what he does - although maybe I should get him one so I know where the pre-teen is, or who he is with.   We are trying to track his runs - through mapmyrun etc.  As I mentioned, 500 is ambitious - but if it doesn't hurt him (too much) - then I consider it far better than spending 500 hours this year playing the Wii, watching TV or something along those lines.

#2 we talked about a little - as we all need to drink more water.  Somehow we got to wondering how many bathtubs of water that would be.  We also decided not to try it (drinking out of the bathtub - especially if someone was sitting in it).

Moving on.....
Hopefully I can do the Super Half Marathon in a week and a half - planning on it, wanting to do it, but yet to sign up for it though as I want to see if my knee is going to be doing it's (stupid swelling) thing, before I drop $60 on it - I'll decide the day or so before.

Did a race specific - I think - training run for it late yesterday, as I want to be as ready as I can - if I can do it.  1/4 mile easy warm up, then 3 miles at 7:30 pace, 1/4 mile recovery, then 3 miles at 7:45 pace (was wanting to do it at 7:30 - but it wasn't happening), followed by 1/4 mile recovery.  Then another 3 miles at 7:30 pace, 1/4 cool down.  10 miles altogether, on the upper Northern section of the course.  Weary today as a result - but I think it helped.  Still not sure if I can manage a 7:30 pace the whole 13.1 - but that is the goal.

Been thinking more about some runs to do in NZ - if we go.  There is this one - the King of the Mountain Race.  "Only" 2600 feet up and back, 2.6 miles each way.  It ain't the Pikes Peak Marathon - but looks a little similar.  Here's a map of the course.
Yellow Dots go up, blue dots come back down
And here is a video

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