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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rough week in the (rear) Mirror

Getting old sucks - with it comes aches and pains, sometimes more than others.  I'd like to think that as I have got older, I have gotten smarter and adapt better - or give up quicker so as to not prolong the inevitable, be it pain or otherwise.
I was only able to run twice last week - it started out so promising getting some good speed work in on Monday (7 miles).  On Wednesday I went up Pikes Peak to Barr Camp on the trail - the run initially started well on the W's, fastest I had done those in several months.  Then the wheels fell off, but I stubbornly kept going and made it up to Barr Camp.

Was quite slick and icy above Balanced rock - the Yaktracks helped, but what I really needed was a cheeseburger or something as I was hungry and felt really weak.  Made it back down after nearly 4 hours, 13 1/2 miles and 3700' elevation climb.  My waggin was draggin.

Recovered okay on Thursday and was ready wanting to run on Friday afternoon, but as the day progressed my knee decided again that it was time to start hurting, swelling up and that was it - shut down - no running for the next 3 days.

An annoying pattern is really taking hold - every 12 to 15 days this happens, regardless of what kind of running has happened in the days prior.  Doesn't seem like weather, diet, sleep habits or anything else I can pinpoint "instigates" the onset of it.  It's just a funky type of Arthritis.  After 2 to 3 days it rights itself and I am able to function much more normally again.

I'm starting to think that I can't really plan too far ahead for races etc.  Seems like the "cycle" that it is on will allow me to keep doing the Winter Distance Series races - which are every 2 weeks, next one is this upcoming weekend.  But the Super Half Marathon looks a little dicey.

I'm really not a complainer - this Blog is my place to vent though.  So, for those who made it this far - I'm done venting for now.  We now return you to your normally scheduled programming.....

New Zealand trip next Christmas conversation has popped back up on the home front.  Cost is the biggest obstacle of course, time away from home / school / work / responsibilities is also a big factor.  Still is far enough away to dream (and save some $$$)

One thing that will be a priority if and while we are there - is some serious trail running.  Only 10 minutes (drive) from where I grew up is this trail - that I would often run to, then run around and then run back home.  I would meet up with it from a different starting point than is described on the web linked page above.

NZ has some "guided walks" - hiking or "tramping" as it is called there on that are on my list to run.  Below is a video produced by one of the walking tour groups.

Also on the list, the Routeburn track - video is a promo of a race there.

I'm thinking after watching these videos - my knee ain't hurting so much - I'm going for a run.


  1. The "superb" course of the Routeburn ... has quite a few aggressive river crossings!

  2. Seemed to me some of the footage was a little staged - but I have never done it, so what do I know. Guess I'll have to (hopefully) check it out for myself.