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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rescue Run 2012 (and Barr Trail 16 miles)

This was the third year our family has done the (5K) race - but this time was the first time for #6.  She ran w/ Mom - and did a 47ish time.  Here she is mid race, all smiles....

I ran w/ #11 - finishing w/ a 31ish time - good for 3rd in her age group.

Then there was #12 - he did the 10K, coming in under 50 minutes and taking 1st in his age group.  His secret - doing it with his eyes closed, while apparently outrunning Santa.

A nice easy start to the year.  I kind of needed it as (meant to post this the other day) a couple of days ago I ventured 8 miles up Barr Trail and then back.  Taking 4 hours.  The snow up higher kicked my butt - literally.  The mile and a half above Barr Camp took me 45 minutes - most of the time trying to stay on the trail - not an easy task and it looked like very few people had ventured higher recently - so it was a challenge to stay in the limited amount of tracks - if I missed a step I was up to mid thigh or higher in the soft, white stuff.  Kind of fun, but truly exhausting.  After turning around, trying to get any kind of momentum resulted in 2 things - face plants and laughing at my silly self.  The further down the trail the easier it got but by the time I got back down to my car - my waggin was draggin.

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