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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old fashioned Horsepower

Got to thinking about horsepower in the last few days.  No, not this type of horsepower - although it was fun to watch.

On Friday afternoon I was driving Northbound up Powers Blvd (in Colorado Springs) and noticed on the other side of the road a TV crew filming traffic coming Southbound.  Nothing too terribly odd about that.  Kept driving and about a 1/2 mile later saw an odd sight, 5 horses towing a makeshift trailer, which was towing a smaller trailer, which was then towing a smaller trailer.  Didn't pull the camera out quick enough, couldn't be bothered to turn around for a second look.

My wife saw the news report later.  Here is a news photo of it.
The driver is on his way across the country to the East Coast looking for (logging) work.

Having grown up around horses in New Zealand and (my wife) having a horse - those beasts can be impressive.  If you have never seen the movie "Man from Snowy River" then this scene capures some amazing, albeit frightening footage of horses in full stride.

We had some similar topography around home growing up - I never rode a horse like the guy in the movie did - there were times that we did ride in some pretty hair raising places.

Nowadays - I would prefer to run in those places.  Riding a horse - especially like that in the movie - takes some effort (and other things) - running takes a different kind of effort.  A different kind of horsepower.  

Each person that runs has a different speed, ability, mindset, reason, goal to run for.  I have mine - I'm okay with what I got and what I can do with what I got.  Sure, it would be nice to go faster, win something, be competitive each time out there.  But I ain't.  I have my own horsepower - that is okay.  I am still a runner. 

When my body cooperates and I can put together a good week of running like this past week - I feel my "horsepower" is something to be proud of and happy with.

I ran 30 miles - made up of the 5K Rescue run last Sunday, followed by a good effort on a 12 miler on Monday, then a somewhat icy, but good hill effort 6 miler on Spruce Mtn on Wednesday and then on Friday evening, around dusk - another 6 miler, but one that I actually stretched into a 10K - which ended up being only 45 seconds slower than my best ever time at that distance.  Ended up the week w/ 3 more miles w/ my son in Fox Run park.  That was really icey, really was not very much fun but it was good to run again w/ the "thoroughbred" if you will. 

Today (Sunday) was different - my horsepower was not there as my knee began swelling up.  I tried to run 15 miles, I didn't and I cut my run short.  But I had the horsepower to run 12 miles.  They were slow miles.  I was in some mild discomfort.  If I was a horse - you would look at me and say that I was lame.  I probably am.

I'm a runner though - I'll take a day or two of rest.  Then I will be back running again.

I don't believe in reincarnation - if I did - I'd choose to be a horse.  I wouldn't choose to be a fainting goat.  (Look it up - when startled they freeze up and fall over - or watch the video).

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  1. I think I have felt like a fainting goat at some finish lines. Better than the start line I guess.