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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running with the Legend

Those who have children or know children - who every now and then do something good or right - and have it go to their head - may relate to this.

My son is a legend in his own mind - when it comes to running.  Sure, he has done some memorable achievements like the Barr Trail Mtn Race - taking about 15 minutes off the age group record.  (Okay so I am just as proud of that as anyone is).   He also ran the Slacker Half Marathon at age 11 at an 8:30 pace (1 hr 51 mins).  He has a 5k PR of under 21 minutes - wait, stop - I'm starting to brag when this is supposed to NOT be contributing to his ego.

But as it's now only 3 months till the kid turns 13 - he is starting to display signs that he can do no wrong, at least in his own mind.  When his sister's cry because of him picking on them - it is of course their fault.  When he neglects a chore or responsibility at home - because "I didn't know", or "I didn't hear that" - to him it is a viable excuse.  He can do no wrong.

Getting back on track - I had the priviledge of running with the legend yesterday for 4 miles.  We called it a training run - getting ready for the Winter Distance Series Race #2 this Saturday.

It's a 2 mile out and 2 mile back course - going up North, back South.  Elevation gain of less than 60 feet.  Paved in places, packed hard trail in others.  The wind was blowing from the North yesterday and we started in 35 degree temps.  So, not pleasant to run into.

We decided to go easy and just survive the first 2 miles - then turn around and come back with tempo.  First 2 down at an 8:30 average pace - difficult due to the wind, but not too bad.

We were chatting throughout - mentioning how I was feeling the effects of 10 miles the day before and he was feeling 8 miles on the Greenland Trail (with his Mother) on Saturday - while I was home with my knee wrapped up.

We get to the turn around - had talked about trying a 7:30 pace back for the 2 miles.  That was slightly slower than the average he did the race last year.  We turn, with the wind at our backs now, instantly better and easier to run with - we pick up the pace - and he is gone.  Huh?

I thought we were training together, I thought we wanted 7:30, not sub 6:30 pace.  You gonna be like that little boy?  I can keep up, my 5K PR came on the same day as yours - and was 20 seconds faster.  I'm not competitive (okay maybe just a little) - but you're not about to beat me.

A mile and a half later I caught him - I was spent, he was "slowing down, waiting for you Dad cause you have the car keys".  Yeah right - I had him in my sights all along and was just waiting to beat him at the line.  We eased up and cruised in the last 1/2 mile.  Ended up being a 7:20 pace average for the 2 miles - greatly affected by a slow last 1/2 mile.

The moral of the story - when running with a legend, if you can't keep up - cheat.  If he cheats, beat him fair and square.  If you can't do either - brag on him: cause he is your kid.

He may not ever be more than a legend in his own mind.  But, this Saturday - I get to run with that legend, I'm gonna try and keep up.
From Race #1


  1. heh, heh. Love this in many regards.

  2. Great post Craig! See you Saturday!

  3. This is good - I like that one! You two have fun Saturday. You could always challenge him to catch Brad... wait, that might not be helping your cause :)