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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barr Trail Mtn Race report

After a poor nights sleep, we were up just after 5, fed and on the road by 5:30.  I had drove a lap of our circle the day before, so was up to the task this morning, plus I have been able to walk - at least on level ground - without crutches for a day.  I did take one crutch w/ me, knowing nothing was going to be level today.  As always, parking from the Cog is a little remote, but we got up to the start line with almost 20 minutes to spare.

I left #12 at the start - #12 was my son's race day bib number, was also the 12th annual race - and of course the kid is 12 - stars may have aligned. A last reminder to him that the first few miles were where he needs to take it easy, being a tough start to the course.  Then I hobbled up through the parking lot, up Barr Trail to where the trails merge, getting there within a minute of when the runners started coming through.  #12 came through probably about 1/3 of the group.  Looked okay, I thought he may have been pushing to hard to be so far up the group.

After everyone came through I took forever to go back down, back to the finish line to wait, texting updates to the home front and do a slow bake - was a toasty day for the race.  #12 asked to wear my garmin for the race - just took a look at the data for him.  He got split times at top of the W's, Barr Camp and finish.

Splits: 29:24 top of W's.  93:40 to Barr Camp and 51:45 down.  109th place, 351 finishers. Official time 2:25:29

Our initial reaction, (okay my initial reaction), was shock, pride and more shock.  May have to drug test the oatmeal - he broke the previous 10 - 14 age group record by about 17 1/2 minutes.  At the awards ceremony found out a 14 yr old did a 2:19 something.  #12 is a little bummed, we are so ready for these 14 year olds to get out his age group.  But overall, very impressed and proud to call him mine.


  1. Awesome - Tell #12 we are proud of him! On second thought, don't test the oatmeal, just tell us where you are buying it and it can be a secret ;-)

    How is the wound recovering??

  2. I am a bit more than irked with myself that I did not do something to specifically meet up with you. Congrats to the dozen little man.

  3. HT's - top secret Oatmeal (Wal-Mart special maybe?).

    GZ - I was the guy with the crutch, you must have been the sweaty guy I was looking for. No big deal - we'll meet up.

    Thanks for the thanks for the kid - as I type, he is outside playing soccer w/ his sisters. Me - I'm icing up a swollen, but recovering knee. Is progressing well I think, Doc visit was pushed from last Friday to next Thursday.

  4. Wow that's a very impressive time for #12. Tell him Congrats for me. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you at the race. Next time for sure. Good to hear the knee is recovering well.