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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classic 10K - sensing a theme

#12 was at it again this morning.  In all reality I really don't know how much he should be running - is it too much?  "It" - meaning the past 4 weekends (in order) he has done a 10K, Summer Roundup 12K, BTMR 12.8 miler and then the 10K today.  Today was the easiest course for him, which made it easier to justify in the mind.  But I have a question - at least for myself, but here I am sharing it to get some other opinions - is it too much for a 12 year old to be doing this?

As for todays race - and the reason why the question above is kind of prominent in my mind - it was a bit of an off day for him.  If you compare to last year, he was 3 minutes slower.  Now, I'm sure the accumulation of some tough miles, especially from the BTMR had an impact.  We talked after the race today about not having a great race each time, that we should be indentifying "A" races and "training" races.  If we consider today a training run - although he is not really training for anything now - then it was a good effort and result.

As a parent, there's a delicate balance between allowing your kid - who is good at this - to go full steam and conquer the running world as we know it - vs - not wanting him to get hurt or burnt out because of overdoing it.  Running and entering races are his call - I don't feel like I am pushing him into doing any more or less than he is.  My wife agrees also, pointing out it is a good problem to have.  The kid loves to run, we are incredibly grateful for a healthy and actively fit kid.  I don't know how I would respond to an alternative. 

Pridefully putting it out there - he pulled another 2nd place for his age group.  That's three weeks in a row.  A 14 year old beat him - 3 weeks in a row for that too (different one each week).  I may make him a T shirt that says "I'm #2".  On the back it says "14 yr olds suck".  Okay, probably not.


  1. We are woefully lacking on the child raising advice, but as far as the running part goes - if your boy enjoys it and isn't tearing up his parts, I would say let it roll. Seeing his pic in the BTMR slideshow was pretty amazing - he was getting with the program!!! Have you asked your doc about limits for his age?

    Recover well - I'm putting my money on the PPA/PPM showdown in your favor! ;-)

  2. I will remember that HappyTrails!! ;)

    Good thinking on the running with your kin there. You have a good bead on when to back it off. I wish more parents had that sort of view on childhood obesity!

  3. HT's - haven't talked w/ a doc about him, like me, he only goes to a doc when sick / hurt and I don't remember if and when the last time for him was. Another good problem to have.

    GZ - between you and me, my money is on Brad for the PPA / PPM challenge. Don't take it personally as I hardly know either of you - but he is rocking the runs this year. That's not to say you seem due to rock a good race.

    I just hope we all do well, after all we are running against the Peak more than anyone else.

  4. OK Craig and GZ - so I just read Brad's post, and based on the trail he ran today and the time he posted, you two guys are toast .... :-o