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Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 things to do while not running

With my appt w/ Dr. Jones coming up this Tuesday for torn medial meniscus arthroscopic surgery, therefore - being unable to run - I have honestly had very little to post.  My kid runs the Summer Roundup 12K tomorrow, I am going to "Shuffle it" - meaning: Shuffle along and eventually finish, might come in last place, but want to do it b/c I paid for it and it is leg 2 of the Triple Crown.

So, with no running - comes the alternatives / 10 things to do while not running.

1) Get Fat and eat a lot of crap.
2) Get freaked out by anything and everything that could go wrong with surgery.
3) Catch up on some naps.
4) Live vicariously through other folks running blogs
5) Dream about upcoming races - wondering if I can really do them.  Especially The Ascent 5 1/2 weeks after surgery.  Normal recovery time after surgery is 4 to 6 weeks, so it is possible.  However - this old body aint 23 anymore and I really don't know how I will recover and how quickly.
6) See #2
7) Do my best to keep my 12 year old son on board with him doing the Barr Trail Mountain Race.  Since we found out about me needing surgery and not being able to do the race (5 days after surgery) - his training and enthusiasm has noticeably dropped off.  Good thing we hiked up to Barr Camp earlier this Summer, plus we ran once up the W's as well as another time running up to Balanced Rock - so he sort of knows what to expect.  But we both were hoping to get several more training runs in before actually running the race together.  The dream of him beating the age group record (2:42:52) looks slim.  There's 4 others in his age group - I think he still has a fighting chance to pick up something there.
8) Gain a few lbs - see #1
9) I really don't have 10 things to do while not running - wow, am I boring or what.
10) Finally, number 10, saved the best for last...hope you haven't held your breath waiting for this one...complain a lot appreciate what I have.  Sure, getting old sucks, impending surgery looms, being unable to run - which I really enjoy - really blows.  But I have a great family.  I'm spoiled to have a great wife, 3 healthy and (most of the time) happy kids.  I have a place to live, food to eat (apparently too much according to #1, #8), my little world could be so much worse. 

I'm doing okay - thanks for asking


  1. Okay, so can you do a 100 push ups?

    Can you bike?

  2. Is that dude in the photo named Skip? (ok that was bad....) Good luck with that surgery and good luck to Mr. 12 year old runner man for both races!!!

  3. GZ - push ups: yes (but not all at once), bike: have tried a few times but it seems to aggravate the knee.
    HT's - "Skip" = very funny, I think his name is Bob, named after he went swimming