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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Steroids, biopsy and Mystery Meat

Bout this time yesterday I was just coming back from planet Anesthesia.  Since that time I have been circling planet Oxycodone.  Not a fan of drugs at all - the whole light headed, feeling like I'm drooling, generally weak and floppsy all over feeling is not my cup of tea.

In any case - the knee surgery went well - from what I have seen and heard.  My wife took me in and drove me home, she got the report from the Doc, along with photos, of how it went.  Now, politely speaking - she goes a little cross eyed and weak when it comes to seeing blood, internal organs and photos of the things inside the knees.  In other words - the doc report will be repeated to me with a little more clarity Friday morning when I go in the the post-op check up.  Her description of what he told her after the surgery is a little vague.

Was provided with 6 glossy photos from the scope - before, during and after.  Sort of interesting.  The meniscus tear is very visible, hard to say how big - but really not too big - maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch.  It was the other stuff in there that is / was more interesting.  Doc called it something that my wife said had lots of syllables - but doesn't remember what he called it.  He also called it "impressive".  So, we will call it mystery meat.  In any case, there was a lot of it, he cleaned it all out and took a biopsy of it - results hopefully will be back in time for Fridays visit.  He said the "mystery meat" is more likely to have caused more discomfort, pain and swelling than the meniscus tear.  Is possibly something to do with arthritis - but will know when biopsy results come back.  If that is the case then I'll get some more drugs to keep it from returning,

The nurse in the recovery room told me that due to the amount of extra curricular scoping to remove it all - doc used a lot of steroid stuff inside the knee to help it out.  Needless to say - the swelling is impressive.

Recovery looks good - as I was becoming more lucid waking up, I was able to ask good questions.  Where is the coffee?  What is for breakfast?  I had to go 12 hrs without any food or fluids.  Bandaged up for a few days, will come off tomorrow, take a look at what lies beneath, then probably rebandage till Friday.  I am able and allowed to put weight on the leg as comfort allows.  Not quite ready to just yet.  Using crutches is on the agenda for a few days.  Maybe down to 1 crutch by Friday, maybe drive by Saturday.  Hopefully can drive myself and the runner to the BTMR Sunday morning.  If not, wifey will drive us.


  1. And now ... recovery starts. All the best man.

  2. Alien tissue is always a surprise... Get some good rest and be ready to test drive that thing in a month or so!!!

  3. Thanks amigos.
    GZ - go get em Sunday, hope to run (err, I mean hop) into you there.
    Happy Trails - maybe we should compare Alien Tissue w/ what Steve had dug out a few weeks back. On second thought - lets not.