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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RICE and brief PPA thought

Since surgery - I have been pretty good with the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).  Been off the meds since Saturday.  Last Sunday I did overdo the amount of time not off my feet, by the time I got home the knee was aching and noticeably swollen, but it was worth it watching my son rocking the BTMR.

I am becoming more and more mobile, can drive fairly comfortably - albeit cheating w/ cruise control as often as I can and doing the left foot brake thing at times.  I am able to walk okay, limping less, still going slow.  Stairs are a challenge, especially going down.  My right lower quad has been really tender since surgery, maybe due to lack of use for a few days, don't know why - that is what barks the most when doing stairs.  The knee really doesn't hurt much at all - sometimes it feels like it is gears grinding a bit, but RICE helps with that.  I have noticed my other leg and foot - likely due to overcompensating and probable overuse - are sore.  But as I become more mobile and able to evenly distribute my weight, things are balancing out.

(Knee) surgery was a week ago - post op appointment w/ Dr. Jones is on Thursday morning.  I am no doctor - but if you asked me about doing the Ascent in 4 1/2 weeks - then I think I can do it.  When I signed up I entered an estimated time of 3:40 - with the recent surgery and the knee grief leading up to it - I would have told you a week and a half ago I had changed my goal time to probably 6 hours - the cut off time is 6 1/2. 

Today - goal is now 4:40.  That may change - depending on Dr directions on if allowed to and how much to push it, I will play it smart with recovery responsibilities that the Doc gives me.   Training for it is going to be very, very limited.  The good thing is I only signed up for the Ascent and not the Marathon - if I was faced with going up and down - I would pull the plug now.

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  1. Itching to run, are we??? Hope the visit with Doc goes well. Still amazed the little guy rocked that race like he did....