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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Distance Series 2012

Signed up to run w/ #12 just now.  Seems like he is looking forward to it just as much as I am.  His motivation / goal - beat the 14 year olds and win his age group (10-14).  My motivation / goal - try to keep up with him.

First race is this Saturday.  After an early morning Soccer game w/ #11 - we should get to Cheyenne Mtn State park just in time to run the 3.3 miles on the trails.  Hopefully it won't be too icey for everyone.  Don't really want to wear the trusty Yaktracks - as usually at least 1/2, if not more, of the course is usually snow and ice free.

I'm not a fan of photos of myself - especially running - but here is the best of the worse over of the last couple of years of the two of us running together (this one at Race #2 in 2010)

I used to not be able to sleep well the night before something important - like a race or Christmas.  Nowadays - I do better.  But when it comes to sleeping the night before any one of my kids has something big - I don't sleep well at all.

The weather forecast looks like it should be okay, we are almost ready to get after it - so with a little more training for the both of us - we hope to do well.

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  1. Awesome - have fun racing together Craig! I didn't know they had surveillance on when I tried the treadmill :)