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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waldo Canyon Winter Run & Photos

Had been a while since I: 
A) Ran like a tourist (taking photos of what's between Point A and B - instead of just getting from Point A to Point B).
B) Ran in Waldo Canyon
C) Ran in (lightly falling) snow and 20 degree temps.

So, I did all 3 yesterday afternoon.  Waldo Canyon is not my favorite place to run - mostly due to being a decent drive from my house.  But add a little snow to pretty it up, taking away all but only 1 other person and her dog on the trails - it was a fun little 75+ minute adventure. 

A friendly 1300 ft elevation gain over 7 miles.   Snow was light and sporadic.  Mostly just a dusting everywhere.  A few spots where it was a little slick - wore the Yaktraks moreso for the downhill, shaded, slick spots.  Here's some pics.....


  1. Waldo with only one other person? That is a novel concept... It looks like a great run, especially with the light snow falling. How bad is the ice up there?

    Good luck to you and #12 tomorrow!

  2. It was a little slick in a few places - mostly where the sun doesn't get into - notably in the creek / valley on the West side of the loop.

    Thanks. Looking forward to tomorrow :)