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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tempo / ladder / speed / fartlek / run / thingy

I read a book last year which stated something along the lines of "If you want to run faster, then you need to run faster".  Being one to appreciate common sense - not necessarily practicing it - I am trying to run faster, by running faster.
Yesterday (Monday) afternoon I did a tempo / ladder / speed / fartlek / run / thingy - with the dual goal of trying to go faster, while not throwing up - but sort of trying to get close.

Started near the Bijou bridge on the Pikes Peak Greenway and did a warm up mile, then a mile at a 7 pace, followed by 3/4 mile at easy pace.  Pushed then for another 3/4 mile at 6:50 pace. 

So far so good.  3 1/2 miles, was handling it okay, turned around - now heading South & slightly downhill.  Next 1/2 mile at recovery pace.  Time to turn it up - next 1/2 mile at 6:35 pace.  Took the next 1/4 mile at a dawdle - trying to catch my breath and count my kidneys. 

Time for a full effort: the next 1/4 mile did at a 6:25 pace.   Almost busted a foo-foo valve on that one - but survived and the next 1/2 mile was at a pace or feeling to be described as "trying to stop the feeling that my teeth were bleeding".

With a mile and a half to go I then decided to push again for the next mile - did that in 7 minutes.  Finally the last 1/2 mile to recover - "pushing myself in a wheelbarrow" pace.

So, mission accomplished, I think. 
I ran faster.

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