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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Running with Scissors - my running year

My year of running had a chunk cut out of it - literally.

In 2011 I turned 43 years old, but I think my body aged more than that. I was diagnosed w/ Rheumatoid Arthritis - specifically in my knees, wrists and lower back. According to the doc there are about a hundred different types of Arthritis. Mine comes and goes - flaring up somewhat inconsistently, when it does in my knees I usually lay low for 2 to 3 days.

It was discovered as a result of Arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn miniscus in the middle of Summer. Despite that, 5 weeks after surgery I proved to myself that amongst other traits that I have - I am at least determined - I did the Pikes Peak Ascent in under 4 hours.

All told, I ran almost 1500 miles this year, including over 120,000' of vertical gain.  I set PR's in 5K, 10K, 25K and Marathon (in Ogden, Utah).  All achievements that I am proud of.

I started Blogging in April this year, making some new (online) friends - whom I am hoping to meet this next year.  My blog detailed my running, my body woes, my family - who are also runners.  So, the blog was used to brag on their achievements.  This next year - that is likely to continue as my wife is recovering from ACL surgery and getting back into running, my 3 kids are growing up and still enjoying running - doing well most times also.

On the blog front I must say that I have been suprised that my 2nd most popular post has been on Bagpipes.  A little odd - but so are bagpipes, maybe that is why I am drawn to them.

So what lies ahead for 2012?  Don't know for sure - one I thing I would like to do - keep running, with less scissors, maybe be a bagpipe playing, superhero runner - like Mr Spjorn in this video.


  1. Scissors are banned from your running in 2012 - time for a good year on the feet!!! :)

  2. Damn that video is excellent (the second one). Happy times in the 0-1-2. Hope our paths cross to share some strides. And 5 weeks post surgery ... = balls.