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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting abducted

Not this type of abduction.....
I've been reading the Running Times magazine latest issue - have enjoyed the subscription - and came across the "testing your (running) form and posture" article.  Specifically was interested by the Hip area section on abductors and adductors as my hips / butt / hammys / thighs and of course the knees - areas have been giving me grief recently.

So, in order to run better, recover quicker and feel better while doing both - I need to work on strengthening each.  The foam roller helps some, but I would like to feel better.

This post is going random...... pull the plug now, or go random w/ me.

A week or so ago I mentioned a (slight) possibility of a family New Zealand trip next Christmas.  Guestimated a cost of up to $10k or so.  Mentioned it to my wife and we did a little more research - that plug is now pulled as we came up w/ a more realistic figure of $15K, likely more if we do more stuff there.

I've been thinking recently about my kids and how proud I am of them, how fortunate my wife and I are to have them as healthy and (for the most part) happy wee things. 

I like to brag on them - especially their achievements, yet I have posted maybe only 1 or 2 pictures of them on the blog.  In fact I think #12 has made it on here twice, the girls have not.  So, I might talk myself out of this yet - but my wife has made up some Christmas Picture frames for the grandparents and relatives and I get a leftover set for Christmas (I have been told to act surprised).

My wife is a Facebook addict - and has dozens of pics of the kids on there - so I can justify me posting pics here of the 3 amigos.  Stay tuned and check out the blog the day or so after Christmas - it's family photo time.  Like I said, I may talk myself out of it.

Speaking of braggin.... (Last) Sunday was #12's last indoor soccer game of the season and I found myself more into it than any other game.  The 6 to 5 win was a hard fought game - he poured it all out there, putting more effort into it than I have ever seen (in Soccer anyway - running the Barr Trail Mtn Race last year was the most epic).

A running update on my running..... I have really wanted to get into a good routine recently.  Sunday long run (12 to 15 miles) around the rolling hills at home.  Mon and Tues some indoor bike and / or eliptical.  Wednesday some hill work between 5 to 8 miles.  Thursday rest.  Friday a tempo run of 6 to 8 miles.  Saturday 3 to 4 miles super easy w/ at least 1 of the girls.  Aiming for 30 miles running for the week.

Been a struggle at times due to my right knee flaring up / swelling much more frequently.  The schedule has been bumped a few times - still getting in 30 though.  This week has not been good.  Really frustrating as I can't pinpoint any one thing or things that cause it.  Hopefully some strengthening of the areas mentioned several paragraphs above will help.

Finally - the below picture is not mine - but it is similar to what we woke up to this morning.  One of the many reasons why we love living in Colorado.


  1. I can see TONS of reasons not to post kidz pix. But I am using the blog thing NOT just as running log anymore but a bit of a diary for me to capture what they are doing ...

  2. I think I am leaning the same way - like I fairly sure the same goes w/ you, they are worth bragging about. Pictures help w/ the bragging rights.

  3. They deserve to be bragged about, but I blame the mother for that.

  4. Yeah, when my kids were picking their gene pool, my wife was their easy first pick - I was the last one left I guess

  5. You and George never give yourselves enough credit - you both done good!!! Brag away - the youngins are being raised well and you should be proud! Trust me, you don't have to look far to see the other end of the spectrum these days. Thanks for putting the effort in with your kiddos!

  6. Thanks Steve, appreciate the kind words.