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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coffee vs Tea - the Vote

Well, it's Wednesday, Christmas is a week and a half away, kids are still in school but are ready to be done, inlaws (or outlaws depending on how you look at it) are going to be arriving soon.  I ain't bought my wife anything yet - don't know where to start.   I would rather be running outside than sitting at a desk or driving round in circles.  My favorite socks have a hole in them.

I got distracted this morning thinking about coffee and tea.

(Very) Generally speaking - people in New Zealand drink tea.  They drink a lot of other stuff too.  But I think it is safe to say, they drink more tea than coffee.
Here in the US, having now lived here for about 20 years I think I am right to say that more Americans prefer coffee than tea.  I realize in the coffee "family" there is expresso, latte's, caputhingys and more - but lumped into one "class", coffee drinkers outnumber tea drinkers.  At least that is what I have noticed.
I drink both.  In my younger (living in NZ) years I drank tea.  Actually just about the whole country shuts down at 10 am and 3 pm each day for 10 - 15 minutes to have a "cuppa tea".  There is also usually tea at breakfast, lunch, dinner (sometimes also known as teatime) and before you go to bed.

When I first took my wife to NZ many moons ago, we got off the plane after many hours of travelling, changing time zones, were met at the airport by my Grandparents and after they initially said hello to us (my wife had never met them before - nor been to NZ), within 5 minutes of being at their home - we were drinking tea.

As an observer of US culture - I think it is safe to say that coffee is in the top 3 for "drug of choice".   People blame it (or lack of it) for the mood they are in, the choices they make and other things.  People have their favorite brand, or style, or flavor.  Nothing wrong with that - I do too.

Every so often I see (don't usually read or watch though) reports that "coffee is good for you because....." or "recent study shows coffee is bad for you because....."  I'm sure there are similar reports and studies for drinking tea.  Then there is the whole decaf vs full caff thing too.

I like to run, sometimes before or after a run I drink tea, sometimes coffee.  I don't know if or how either affect me, either good or bad.

At my house - and possibly those of you who also drink both tea and coffee - we have "tea cups" and "coffee cups".  It doesn't seem right sometimes when a cup is used for the wrong beverage.

Well you made it this far - to my point of this post.......
I'm curious to see if there are more tea drinkers or coffee drinkers out there.  So, my first poll going up.  Is a simple question:  Do you drink more coffee?  Do you drink more tea?

Feel free to comment and to post on your own blogs - while drinking your beverage of choice.

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  1. Coffee hands down for me. Tea has often given me heartburn for some unknown reason. Mrs HT drinks tea only if iced and sweetened ;-)