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Monday, December 5, 2011

Week in review 11/27 to 12/3

Sunday was our last day at the Family reunion in PA, mind you over half the people (peaked at about 70) had left the day before.  There was still some runners left but I was wanting to run a little longer than them - not that I had run much with them on previous days.  So, I got out early and did the long lap, in the opposite direction of the days before, just as I was coming back I passed the group (2 Aunts, 1 cousin) heading out to do the small loop.  So, I did my last 1/2 mile, turned around and then set out to chase them.  Never did catch them as they ended doing the short, short loop - which I never knew existed.

Never mind.  Was a good run, 11 1/2 miles all told and over 1350' elevation gain.

Off down to Philly later that day where we stayed all Monday and did a few touristy things.

Tuesday was finally time to come home.  Uneventful flight and back to sunny Colorado.  Decided to enjoy the rest of the day w/ the family.  Noticed that I had actually run 8 of the last 9 days - my body told me that 2 days rest was a good choice.

Wednesday came and almost went - managed to get out just as the sun was going down.  Fortunately remembered to bring the headlight with me.  Did 7 1/2 miles on the Santa Fe Trail - from Northgate up towards Monument and back.  Nice run.  On the way back I picked up to an 8 min per mile average - which was a little interesting (for me at least) in the dark w/ a headlight - fortunately the trails are wide and smooth.

Thursday just didn't happen.

Friday I got out early and did 6 miles in the neighborhood, brisk morning - easy pace.

Saturday ran twice, once in Cathedral Pines doing approx 3 1/4 miles.  Lots of fun in the snow on the trails for the Huff and Puff Fun Run (actually came 3rd out of about 25 people - race itself was just over 1 1/2 miles).  Later in the day - after fighting for about 3 hours with a new treadmill belt, I finally got it working.  What an episode trying to get the old one off and put on a new one.   I didn't have any clue what I was doing, found some online (sort of) instructions - which sort of helped, but only to a point.

Finally got it working, not sure if it is calibrated right but rumbled around for 2 miles on it at various speeds and elevations.  Seems to be at least similar to what it was like before with the old scrappy belt.

30 mile week.  A little inconsistent but I think was good for my knees to take some days off.  With the snow coming through I was expecting some right knee swelling issues - but that never happened.  Pleasant surprise.

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