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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spruce Meadows and Mtn run

I figured out today that yesterday was April Fools day.  Easily leads me into my next statement: Colorado Weather Forecasters probably should have a convention on that day each year. 

My wife and I moved to Colorado about 16 years ago and it hasn't taken me that long to figure out that Spring time here is often windy.  When I watch or hear a forecast saying something along the lines of "tomorrow will have "X" % chance of rain or snow and it will likely be breezy" - I usually take the "breezy" prediction to heart - but wonder if the forecaster has or will look out a window to see if they got it or get it right.

The point - I got up to run early Sunday to beat the prediction of strong winds.  A couple of weeks prior I was on Greenland Trails and Spruce Mountain for 3 hours getting beat up by the winds.  I was expecting more of the same or worse on Sunday.

I had decided on a day at Spruce Meadows and Mountain and parked in the meadows parking lot and was on the trail before the Sun came up.  No cars there, nor at Spruce Mtn, nor Greenland. 

The other thing missing: wind.

I was okay the forecasters had it wrong.

I went North through the wide open meadows area - not having run that section before, was a lot narrower trail than nearby Greenland Trail and Spruce Mountain where I was heading.  Was also quite sandy.
Spruce Mtn way up on the left.
After crossing the road 3 times, taking it easy on the trails that were also fairly flat, I came up to the North end of Spruce Mtn and took the Scouts connector trail to the base to the (US Forest Service) road leading up to the top of Spruce.

Still a few snow spots around

Signs of Spring

I would like to climb up this one day but it is probably not allowed
It was nice to get into the trails around the base and then up on top, still little to no wind at all and it was warming quickly.  Once up top I did a lap - coming back and then down the service road again.  Going back along the trail to the North end parking lot, then because I wanted a little more climbing, punishment, work - I went back up to the top and did another lap.

Spruce Mtn Trail
By this time the parking lot was filling up, the wind was a little more noticeable - yet when I got to the South end I chortled a little. 
There was no wind at "Windy Point".
Finished my lap, then back down onto the Spruce Meadows trail and across to the Meadows parking lot.  I was hoping for a tail wind on the way over.  A slight breeze helped as I pulled in - did a couple of laps of the parking lot to bring the total distance up to 19 miles.  A good days work and I was done before 10 am.

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  1. You got the better end of the weekend deal with the wind (or lack thereof...). The north part of meadows is sweet, twisty singletrack but that sandy gully up to the road is the pits! 19 M is a good day's work out there!