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Monday, April 16, 2012

Colorado Springs local race updates

* Finally the Barr Trail Mountain Race has a small update on their registration.  Not really worth clicking on that link as all it says is that registration opens May 7th and links for that will be up during the week before.  No prices or any other details.  I've got to admit - really thinking about not caring about this race at all.

* Got an e-mail tonight from the American Trail Runners Association - I think I probably signed up w/ them when I signed up for last years Road Ascent on Pikes Peak.  Seems like this years race is much different.  Only a 10K, starting at the Toll gate and finishing at Crystal Reservoir.  Their website has not updated this yet.  I don't think I will do it.  Here is the section of the e-mail I got:

Hill Climb on Pikes Peak Highway:The 2012 Pikes Peak Road Ascent, co-produced by ATRA and the Triple Crown of Running, Inc., will be held on Sunday, October 7, and will include approximately 1,650 feet of elevation gain over 10 kilometers. The event will start at the Pikes Peak Toll Gate and run UP the Pikes Peak Highway to finish at Crystal Reservoir. Registration will open on May 23.

* Another race I will likely not do this year is the Summer Roundup 12K - just because I am doing less races this year. But I ran the course tonight - while Soccer practice for Mr Fartypants was happening just down the road. I thought I took it easy - at least for the first mile or so, as well as not pushing to hard coming back down the hill. But I just checked previous times and I was only a minute slower than my best time (2010 raceday). A nice surprise.

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  1. Out of BTMR this year as I will head to Ouray for pacing duties at HR. Interested to see how that plays out.

    The road race has little, no appeal to me.